Singer Sewing Machine Reviews

All Singer sewing machine reviews below have been very enjoyable to do as Singers are one of the most user friendly sewing machines out there.

Singer machines have consistently retained a place among the most affordable and reliable sewing machines in the world.

Affordable Singer home sewing machines and sergers are available on line through, as well as through large retailers like JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts, Costco, Sears, Target and Walmart.

Some people who are unfamiliar with the Singer standards of excellence may be skeptical about investing in a Singer when there are many other brands on the market that are far more costly.

All these skeptics need to do is ask someone who has owned a Singer. Singer sewing machines that were manufactured 100 years ago are still in use.

What more proof does one need to be convinced that Singer is a brand to be trusted?

Singer Company logo

Singer Company logo

What Sets Singer Sewing Machines Apart from the Rest

The most distinguishable features of any Singer machine are affordable, availability and accessibility.

The Singer brand brought sewing into the home, and has been one of the most reliable sewing manufacturers since the first Singer went on the market in 1851.

Popular Singer Models

The most popular Singers are the non-electric Singer treadle machines of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many of which are still in use in homes and by certain tailor and dressmakers today and the 221 Featherweight, the world’s first truly portable sewing machine.

When we take into consideration that the most popular Singer models are now antiques, one may conclude that Singer’s heyday has passed. That notion, however, is far from the truth.

In 1990, the original Singer Company merged with two other sewing machine giants to form a new corporate entity, SVP – Singer/Viking/Pfaff – which breathed new life into the company.

The Singer sewing machines of today are backed by the vast technological, economic and creative resources available through SVP’s combined talent, knowhow and strength.

- Affordable
- The most recognizable sewing machine brand name
- Long standing reputation as an industry leader
- Large selection of sewing machines suitable for beginners
- Dependable, durable industrial machines
- Easily acquired via and large retail outlets nationwide

- Does not stand out from other sewing machine brands as in the past
- Fewer high end models than other SVP brands
- Fewer options than other SVP brands

All Singer Reviews

Singer 377

Singer 377 Review

Could you in your wildest dreams believe it was possible to move into a new home and find a vintage sewing machine hidden in a closet? That’s exactly what happened to a friend of mine. She and her husband discovered an abandoned Singer 377 sewing machine. This particular model was made in Europe. In fact, it still had the European style plug. After getting it repaired, however, my friends discovered that they had a wonderful sewing machine on their hands.
Singer Curvy 8770

Singer Curvy 8770 Review

The Singer Curvy 8770 is a amazingly well built basic computerized sewing machine. I was pleasantly surprised by its performance and workmanship – especially since it is a Singer and Singers of late have been going through a transformation. Anyone who is familiar with sewing machines knows that if a sewing machine had the Singer brand name, it was an excellent product. That changed over time after the company was sold. It appears that at least certain new Singer models are attempting to make a comeback as the affordable choice for home sewers. Straight out of the box, the Curvy 8770 is a great machine with more than 200 on board stitch options and all the basic features anyone could ask for in a computerized sewing machine.
Singer Curvy 8763

Singer Curvy 8763 Review

Unlike many Singer sewing machines I have observed in the last few years, the Curvy 8763 is a ray of hope that the Singer brand is making a comeback. This electronic sewing machine is a very good option for the beginner. It is also a good choice for as the advanced home sewer who is not interested in acquiring a fully computerized sewing machine that is loaded with lots and lots of features that they don’t need and won’t use. This affordably priced sewing machine has all of the features necessary to make a sewing experience pleasurable, but leaves all the extra bells and whistles by the wayside.
Singer 5932

Singer 5932 Review

The Singer 5932 takes me back to a portable Singer sewing machine I purchased in the late 1980s. They are alike in many, many ways. The primary difference between the 5932 and the 13 stitch machine I owned is the fact that the 5932 has 21 decorative and utility stitch options. When I first got my machine, I was in love with it. After a few years of steady use, however, it began to disappoint me… so much so that I sold it at a yard sale in the early 2000s. The Singer 5932 is a good option for someone who sews only occasionally or is in the market for a machine that is used primarily for mending and alterations. If you are in the market for a second hand sewing machine that will be used quite a lot, this is not the machine for you.

Singer Pro Finish 14CG754 Review

When I reviewed the Singer Pro Finish 14CG754, I was quite impressed by the features… especially the easily accessible free arm and the large on board storage compartment. The downside, however, was the hard plastic used on the outer body and the amount of vibration and noise that goes along with sewing on his affordable serger. I have concerns about how long this machine will last, but it could be just the answer for a beginner who doesn’t want to spend a lot on their first serger or a senior citizen who may be hanging up their scissors and sewing needles within a few short years.

Singer Heavy Duty 4411 and 4452 Review

It’s been a long time since I’ve given a brand new Singer sewing machine a good rating. Obviously the folks at Singer are taking note and stepping up their game. In a way, the sewing machines in the Singer Heavy Duty line remind me of the old Singers. The machines in the Singer Heavy Duty line that I reviewed offer superior stitch quality, metal construction where it really counts, and best of all, they are affordable. These machines are capable of working on all types of fabric and require very little down time. Time will tell, but I suspect that with proper care and maintenance, they should provide many years of excellent service.
Singer Coverstitch 14T970C

Singer Coverstitch 14T970C Review

For a while, I thought I had imagined reviewed this machine. The Singer 14T790C cover lock machine is available throughout Europe and the Philippines, but apparently is just making its debut here in the US. The good news is it’s better than nearly every new Singer I have reviewed in the last couple of years. Hopefully this is a sign that things will be improving for those of us who love the Singer name and have fond memories of the superior quality and workmanship the Singer brand name once represented.
Singer 99

Singer 99 Review

The Singer 99 is special because next to the Featherweight, it was possibly the most popular portable sewing machine of its day. Vintage sewing machines are not for everyone. However, you owe it to yourself to at least take a very close look at this one and if at all possible, take a few minutes to sit down and play around with it, especially if you are serious about sewing. If you have never worked on an antique sewing machine before, the Singer 99 will give you a whole new perspective about the genius that went into creating sewing machines for home use so very long ago.
Singer Genie

Singer Genie Review

It’s from the 1970s, but it sews like a brand new machine. The Singer Genie hasn’t got a lot of bells and whistles. In fact, it only makes straight and zigzag stitches. The stitch quality is superb. This metal compact portable sewing machine is definitely an oldie but a goodie.
Singer 3116

Singer 3116 Review

The Singer Simple 3116 is lightweight, portable; it’s easy to operate and it produces beautiful stitches. The problem, however, the thread sometimes bunches up beneath the feed dogs. If you have the patience to deal with that annoying drawback, you might be happy with this machine.
Singer 177C

Singer 177C Review

The Singer 177C is one of those wonderful all metal sewing machines that can be passed down from generation to generation. The one I reviewed was purchased brand new for less than $100 back in 1976 and it still runs as smoothly and quietly as when it was brand spanking new.
Singer 9020

Singer 9020 Review

When I reviewed the Singer 9020, I was impressed by the superior stitch quality. In addition, this colorful sewing machine has oversized controls that make operating the dial, levers and buttons easy for anyone who loves to sew but is challenged by carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. It’s a wonderful sewing machine for children to use and the person who has been sewing for many, many years will be excited about the superior quality of the stitches.

Singer Brilliance 6180 Review

The Singer Brilliance 6180 is an inexpensive computerized sewing machine that offers 80 built in utility and decorative stitches, including 6 different one step buttonholes. However, you get what you pay for. My advice is to get a demonstration before taking this one home.
Singer Fashionmate 368

Singer Fashionmate 368 Review

This blast from the past proves that some things should never be put out to pasture. The Singer Fashionmate is the kind of sewing machine that anyone would be proud to use generations after it was manufactured. It is one of the very first sewing machines to make decorative stitches available for the home sewer, and the quality of those stitches rival any sewing machine made today.
Singer Simple 3221

Singer Simple 3221 Review

The Singer Simple 3221is a basic sewing machine. It is very easy for beginners of all ages to learn to use with a minimum amount of assistance. Advanced home sewers will not be disappointed with the Simple 3221 because it has all of the essential features and accessories necessary to make the sewing experience an enjoyable one.

Singer Pixie Plus Review

The Singer Pixie Plus is tiny, cute and comes with a lot of value added accessories. It’s a great little sewing machine for children who are learning the hows and whys of sewing machines. The Pixie Plus is ideal for little hands and fingers and its colorful design is very inviting for inquisitive little ones who want to learn sewing basics.

Singer Stylist 7258 Review

The Singer Stylist 7258 is loaded with features normally reserved for more expensive sewing machines. It has 100 utility and decorative stitch options; six 1-step buttonholes; variable speed control; programmable up and down needle; and a backlit LED screen. The affordability of the Singer Stylist 7258 makes it possible for a greater number of home sewers to add these highly desirable features to their sewing rooms.

Singer Esteem II 2273 Review

The Singer Esteem II 2273 is a good choice for the beginner. The tutorial DVD that comes with it is an ideal feature for the visual learner. This machine is lightweight and truly portable, making it a perfect travel companion for taking to and from sewing class, to the college dorm or on vacation. However, the fact that it doesn’t come with a dust cover or carrying case is somewhat of a drawback. Before making plans to carry the Singer Esteem II 2273 along for the ride, you must first invest in a carrying case of some sort.
Singer Promise 1409

Singer Promise 1409 Review

It’s inexpensive. It’s not all that easy to operate. In my opinion, it’s good for mending and alterations, only. If you want to use it for constructing clothing or accessories, you might be sorely disappointed with this one. The Singer Promise 1409 is one of those sewing machines that is good for someone who doesn’t sew much or just wants to add a machine to their sewing room to be used exclusively for mending and alterations.

Singer 403a Slant-O-Matic Review

When the Singer 403a Slant-O-Matic sewing machine was introduced to the market, it allowed home sewers to use a front drop in bobbin, a broad range of decorative stitches, and a slant needle.

Singer 221 Featherweight Review

The Singer 221 Featherweight machine we reviewed was made a standard blackside model, manufactured in the 1930s, and featured a shiny black patina and gold decals that looked almost new. The Featherweight has a worktable that folds on a hinge to make it easy to fit into the square wooden carrying case.

Singer 66 Review

The Singer 66 sewing machine was not only popular for its innovative oscillating hook, but also for its drop in bobbin and functional work table and ease of operation.
Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter an ideal teaching machine

Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Review

Although the Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter is good for the beginner home sewer, we feel that it could be a bit overwhelming for young people who have never used a sewing machine prior to their introduction to machine quilting.

Singer 4620C Review

We particularly like the Singer 4620C sewing machine for beginners because it gives the user immediate access to 10 on board utility and decorative stitches, including one four step buttonhole and an elastic stitch. It is also equipped with the capability to adjust stitch length and width; a manual upper tension adjustment dial; three needle positions; a top winding, drop in bobbin and a seam guide etched onto the needle plate.