Simplicity Sewing Machine Reviews

Although I have been reading about Simplicity sewing machines for a little while now, I was never able to get my hands on one for review. Nor was I aware of their origin.

As it turns out, Simplicity sewing machines, named for the popular sewing pattern brand that most beginners seek out, is now owned by Brother.

In case you weren’t aware, Brother also recently acquired Baby Lock sewing machines as well.

Obviously the company that has for years been known for its office supplies has embarked upon a campaign to greatly expand its home sewing repertoire.

With the addition of the affordable Simplicity brand, Brother is in a position to give mass retailers like Walmart, Sears, Target and Kmart a bit of competition. The difference, however, is that Simplicity machines perform better than the low end Singers and yes – even Brother sewing machines that are customarily sold at these big name stores.

The Simplicity line of sewing machines is affordable.  The most costly machine in the entire line costs about $500.

Yet Simplicity sewing machines – at least the ones I have reviewed so far – perform very much like far more costly sewing machines.  Of course, as with all of the other new sewing machines and sergers I review, the machines I write about are still in the store and in tip top condition.

With this in mind, I will say that the stitch quality, handling and user-friendliness of the Simplicity sewing machines I reviewed are superlative.

This is wonderful news for the budget conscious sewing enthusiast who wants to acquire an affordable computerized sewing machine that performs well.

Don’t expect to get hundreds of different stitch options or full color interactive touch screens on a Simplicity sewing machine.  What you get is a good computerized sewing machine that performs well at an affordable price.

One more thing to take into consideration… buying a sewing machine at Sears, Walmart, Target or Kmart means you are taking it home in a sealed carton without every touching it before you get it home.

Since, Simplicity machines are available for sale in stores that specialize in sewing machines, you will be able to get a demonstration and probably even try one out for yourself before making a final decision to add it to your sewing room.

simplicity sewing machines

There are only a few Simplicity models available. I’ll be posting reviews of Simplicity sewing machines here on Sewing Insight in the near future and will be posting more as they are released. So, please check back on a regular basis.

 In the meantime, you can get a look at them by visiting the Brother website.Isn’t it wonderful to know that there’s another reliable sewing machine brand out there?  And since they are connected with the popular pattern company, select Simplicity models come with a free pattern.  One even comes with a free wedding gown pattern!

The really good news is that with the Brother reputation behind it, I think we can expect some great things from Simplicity sewing machines for many years to come.

Happy Stitching.

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Simplicity SB 7900E

Simplicity SB 7900E Review

When it comes to embroidery only machines, the Simplicity SB 7900E from Brother is hands down one of the most user-friendly, economical choices you can make. It is a personal embroidery machine that brings machine embroidery to the home sewing room. Although it is slower than many other home embroidery machines, the on board and downloadable design options along with the capability to upload embroidery designs from your computer make this a viable option to the larger more costly embroidery machines on the market. The drawbacks are few… only two in my opinion. For starters, the embroidery field is only 5” x 7”… a minor challenge unless you expect to create a lot of really big designs. The other drawback is the maximum speed of 650 stitches per minute. Large intricate designs will take nearly twice as long as larger, faster, more costly sewing and embroidery machines. If you are happy with your sewing machine, but want to add machine embroidery to your sewing room skills, this machine is an excellent option for the novice as well as the seasoned home sewer.
Simplicity 3129

Simplicity 3129 Review

It’s easy to see how the Simplicity 3129 received one of the Consumers’ Digest Best Buy awards for computerized sewing machines. This is one of the best affordable computerized sewing machines I have seen. In addition to being user friendly, the stitch quality is superb.

Simplicity SB 700T Review

When anyone who sews hears the word Simplicity, they instantly think patterns. The big news in the sewing world is that Brother recently bought the Simplicity sewing machine line. Now, not only does Simplicity stand for great patterns, it also stands for great sewing machines as well. The Simplicity sewing machine brand is now synonymous with the same quality and workmanship home sewers have become accustomed to expecting from Brother. The Simplicity SB 700T certainly upholds that reputation. It is an affordable, user friendly, computerized sewing machine that renders 70 perfect decorative and utility stitches.