Sewing for Valentine’s Day

interesting fabric Patterns that are ideal for Valentine’s Day

interesting fabric Patterns that are ideal for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that is best known for gifts of flowers and candy. There are, however, lots of other gifts that you can give for Valentine’s Day.

A personalized handmade Valentine’s Day present is not only appreciated, it is also something that will be remembered and cherished for many years to come.

The fun part of sewing for Valentine’s Day is you can make gifts for every member of the family, for that very special romantic partner and for yourself as well. Let’s face it.

There is nothing more fun than making a slinky bit of lingerie that not only fans the romantic flame, but is a magnificent addition to our wardrobe that we can wear after the holiday celebration is over.

Valentine’s Fabric

You can use Valentine themed fabric to make almost anything as a Valentine’s Day gift. On a visit to Cynthia’s Fine Fabrics in Tamarac, Florida, I came across a few really interesting fabric patterns that are ideal for Valentine’s Day.

Interesting fabric patterns that are ideal for Valentine’s Day2

Interesting fabric patterns that are ideal for Valentine’s Day2

A search of the internet revealed that Valentine’s themed fabric is available on every site that offers fabric for sale… even

If you don’t want to wait for a delivery, you can get your Valentine fabric at practically every store that sells fabric.

If you don’t want to use novelty fabric, red fabric of any kind is always great for making Valentine’s gifts.

Red felt or fleece is ideal for making pillows, stuffed animals and novelty items.

Red satin, tricot, and silk are preferable for making those very special Valentine’s Day lingerie items and loungewear.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Children

Adorable stuffed Valentine Buddy on

Adorable stuffed Valentine Buddy on

Sewing great Valentine’s Day gifts for the little ones is one of the most fun filled sewing experiences you can have.

Nothing tells that special little person in your life how important they are to you than giving them something that you sew just for them.

You can whip up Valentine’s Day gifts of teddy bears, pillows, gift bags and clothing items for the children in your life on a sewing machine or serger.

You can even embroider Valentine themed embellishments on t-shirts and jackets.

A visit to the All Free Sewing website will reveal scores of Valentine’s Day sewing ideas, including a Valentine’s Day tic tac toe game and an adorable stuffed Valentine Buddy.

Decorations and Party Favors

Finding patterns and instructions for creating your own Valentine’s Day decorations for the home and party favors is as easy as visiting sites like Pinterest or The Sewing Loft.

Valentine’s themed fabric available on

Valentine’s themed fabric available on

Decorate your home for Valentine’s Day with everything from pillows to banners and gift bags and everything in between that you sew yourself, customizing each item to fit your personal taste, style and personality.

Very Special Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Boxer shorts covered with red hearts

Boxer shorts covered with red hearts

When it comes to giving and receiving Valentine’s Day gifts, it always seems as though the men are purchasing gifts for the ladies in their lives.

But what about the fellows? Don’t they deserve to be pampered as well?

Sewing the boxer shorts covered with red hearts is one thing that has been a novelty Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life for longer than anyone is willing to acknowledge.

Why not use a bit of imagination? Although they may not want to admit it, guys appreciate those romantic heart shaped pillows just as much as women do.

You could also create something that has special meaning for the man in your life by embellishing a Valentine’s Day gift with a memento from a special occasion the two of you may have shared.

One of the things I like about sewing for him on Valentine’s Day is that I also sew for myself.

There are loads of lingerie patterns available and when you sew a sexy lingerie item in red or black or white with red accents, you have a great new item for yourself and when you wear it on Valentine’s Day, he’ll be really appreciative of the gift inside.

Robes with a Valentine’s Day theme

Robes with a Valentine’s Day theme

Of course, you can also make some Valentine’s Day gifts for him to wear that will make you just as happy when it comes to unwrapping very personal and private gifts.

You can also make his and hers robes with a Valentine’s Day theme. All it takes is the right sewing pattern, the right fabric selection and a little bit of sewing skill.

When you sew personal or intimate wear as a Valentine’s Day gift, you can make them as demure or as risqué as you like… and no one will ever be the wiser. ☺

Intimate apparel sewing patterns come in all sizes and for every skill level. They may be purchased at nearly every store that sells sewing patterns and online at all of the pattern company websites as well as amazon, ebay and etsy.


Whether your Valentine’s Day sewing project is for a child, a big gathering of friends or an intimate evening for just you and your significant other, you can use your sewing machine and serger to personalize everything… your home… the party favors… gifts for the little ones and of course, the all-important accoutrements for a very private evening with the one you love.

Bodysuit and half slip

Bodysuit and half slip

It doesn’t matter if your Valentine’s Day is going to be two or two hundred.

The mere fact that you took the time to sit down and sew your own Valentine’s Day decorations, gifts and party favors will impress your guests beyond your wildest dreams.

After the company has gone home, the lights are turned down and the candles are lit, your significant other will show his or her appreciation for all the effort you put into making the evening a success and your exceptional talent in a very, very personal way. Your hard work will be rewarded in ways that you can only imagine.

Just let your imagination go and create the perfect Valentine’s Day decorations, gifts and apparel for your Valentine and yourself.

Happy stitching … and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

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