When I reviewed the Pfaff Performance 5.0, I was really impressed with what I found. The Performance 5.0 is Pfaff’s latest offering in their line of mid priced sewing and quilting machines.

At A Glance

Looks can be deceiving and this understated machine certainly doesn’t look as though it is capable of handling all the tasks all that it is actually able to perform.

Pfaff Performance 5.0

Pfaff Performance 5.0

The black and blue motif on a brilliant white body is sleek and inviting. There is a stylus mounted on the right side and a bright LCD color touchscreen on front.

Seam guides on needle plate

Seam guides on needle plate

The needle plate has seam guides etched on both sides of the needle and there’s a switch on the back that when engaged allows the feed dogs to drop down to allow users to darn, attach buttons, and do freehand sewing.


In spite of its looks, the Pfaff Performance 5.0 has lots of features designed to make the sewing experience fun yet still produce professional looking results.

  • More than 300 utility and decorative stitch options
  • 4 alphanumeric fonts
  • Monogram stitches up to 48mm wide
  • Tapering
  • LED lighting
  • 3 free motion modes
  • Pfaff exclusive IDT [Integrated Dual Feed system]
  • Needle up and down
  • Start/stop button
  • Mirror imaging
  • Sensormatic buttonhole
  • Bobbin thread sensor
  • Variable speed control slider
  • Immediate tie off
  • Straight stitch needle plate sensor
  • On board stitch selection guide

Working on the Pfaff Performance 5.0

The Pfaff Performance 5.0 is extremely user friendly. All that’s necessary to wind the bobbin and thread this sewing and quilting machine is to follow the on board graphic diagrams.

On board graphic diagrams

On board graphic diagrams

The stitch selection guide is conveniently situated inside the top lid. Selecting the right stitch is as simple as touching the menu button icon on the touchscreen with the stylus and then selecting the desired stitch.

Adjusting stitch length, width and density is just as easy. All that you need to do is use the stylus and the on-screen diagrams to adjust your settings until you get the desired results.

Menu button icon on the touchscreen

Menu button icon on the touchscreen

During this review, I sampled several different utility and decorative stitches. The stitch quality is excellent. What more would anyone expect from a Pfaff?

You can lift the presser foot on the Pfaff Performance 5.0 two ways… the knee lift or function buttons that raise and lower the presser foot.

Stitch quality

Stitch quality

I like the idea of using the knee lift, leaving your hands free to hold your sewing project steady and manipulate it as needed without worrying about it slipping or shifting.


  • Natural fibers/cotton-linen-wool
  • Fine fabrics/silk-satin-taffeta/velvet
  • Knits(Medium to heavyweight only)
  • Synthetic fabrics/blends-rayon-polyester
  • Upholstery
  • Leather/suede
  • Fur
  • Reptile skin
  • Canvas/Twill
  • Plastic/Rubber
  • Extra thick fabrics or multiple layers


  • 10 snap on presser feet
  • Quilting bar
  • Lint brush
  • Seam ripper
  • Sensormatic buttonhole foot
  • Spool pins
  • Spool pads
  • Detachable accessories case
  • Extra needles
  • Bobbins
  • Screwdriver
  • Hard cover
  • Extension table [optional]



After each useMonthly*Once Each Year**As Needed
Clean race hook and feed dogs
Wipe head with soft dry cloth
Wipe head with soft damp cloth
Service by sewing machine repair professional

* more often if the machine is used for extended periods of time or if used frequently

**more often if the machine is used heavily or if it is not operating properly

Tying Off The Loose Ends

When it’s all said and done, the new Pfaff Performance 5.0 is a great sewing and quilting machine, possibly one of the very best in its price range.

It’s not for children who are learning to sew, but the adult sewing student who is interested in learning about machine quilting might be very happy with it.

The Pfaff Performance 5.0 is also a wonderful machine for the intermediate or advanced home sewer who is in the market for a computerized quilting machine with on board tutorials and updatable software.

The only challenge I encountered while working on the Pfaff Performance 5.0 was the fact that the stylus holder is mounted on the right side and I’m left handed.

The placement of the holder makes it necessary for me to either reach across myself to grab the stylus with my left hand or to grab it with my right hand and then switch hands to use it. Older models, with the stylus holder under the lid near the bobbin winder, were far more functional for us lefties.

Pfaff is known for its engineering and workmanship, and the Performance 5.0 continues that tradition of excellence. I like this machine and strongly recommend that anyone in the market for a new sewing and quilting machine take a long hard look at it before making a final decision to make a purchase.

Pfaff Performance 5.0 Review
Link To Official Website
Skill Level:
Needs lots of help – able to sew a straight seam but unfamiliar with most sewing techniques; needs assistance and instruction on basic sewing techniques.
Competent – can make different clothing items without assistance or guidance, but not good enough to sew intricate projects or to sew without a pattern.
Expert – can sew anything without instruction or assistance; possesses an expansive knowledge of sewing techniques and terminology.
Stitch quality
Ease of use
  • Pfaff IDT [Integrated Dual Feed]
  • Free arm
  • Knee lift
  • Placement of stylus holder
5.0Overall Score
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  1. Jane Bowers

    This is about the Performance 5.0. This is a terrible awful machine. Do not waste your money on it. I purchased this machine in May of this year (2013) and it has been used for only light sewing and suddenly it just jammed and all the gears are stripped out! I live in a city of 300,000 people and the distributor has closed and per Pfaff they are not actively searching for anyone to take their place. There is no one close to me and Pfaff is not helpful in the least in getting this repaired. Since the distributor I bought it from is no longer here, I have been advised I must pay all labor charges for all warranty work. Pfaff will only cover the cost of the parts. So now I have to travel 400 miles there and back to take the machine to the closet authorized person and pay several hundred dollars for the labor. So my recommendation is to stay far, far away from Pfaff. If Pfaff is known for their fine workmanship they must have farmed this model out to someone else. I bought this based on the reviews I had read that Pfaff made good quality machines that worked well and were well-made and lasted a long time in trouble-free service. Well, the joke is on me I guess because this is not a quality machine. If there was a lower rating than 1 x that is the rating I would give this worthless machine. Buy a Bernina instead. That was my other choice and how I wish I had bought the Bernina.

      • Jane Bowers

        Several thousand dollars. And as it was a gift, I also purchased almost all of the extra feet and accessories they make for this which was an additional $2500.
        My folly obviously. I will be updating this sad tale shortly. It has not ended well. Still no working machine months and months later. I am sorry to just now be replying but I only now saw your message.



    • Selma Salmons

      I totally agree with you .. it is by far the worst machine I have ever purchased. I do alterations from home and need a reliable machine and this is the most unreliable one that I have. I purchased it in May 2016 … tried to use it but after 2 weeks of sheer frustration (calls to Pfaff did help) I took it back to the shop where I purchased it and they said they would try to sell if for me. After 10 months it did not sell so I picked it up. I am writing this because I once again tried to use it but I am stuck because after trying to sew a zig zag on simple cotton fabric I got the message “Machine needs to rest. Wait a moment and touch the ok icon when it is enabled” It has been a half hour and the machine is still resting. Because I work from home I also have 3 Huskylock sergers and two sewing machines in my office. I will go back to my Singer or the Euro Pro … both work better than this piece of junk. I wish I had looked at your message BEFORE I purchased the machine. It is too late now. I would have been more relaxed if I had taken my $2,000 plus and burned it in the fireplace. My suggestion … don’t by Pfaff.

      • Selma Salmons

        that should have said my calls to Pfaff did NOT help

  2. Vernelle

    Jane –

    Thank you for visiting Sewing Insight and sharing your experience.

    Unfortunately, Pfaff, like so many other sewing machine companies, is no longer owned by the people who originally founded the company. The exception is Bernina, which, I believe is still family owned.

    Pfaff is now part of the SVP corporation. [Singer/Viking/Pfaff]. As I stated on numerous occasions… nearly all sewing machines work perfectly right out of the box. It’s only after they’ve been in use for several years – or months as in this case – that we are able to judge how well they will stand the test of time.

    I wish I had a solution for your servicing problem. Please visit Sewing Insight again and let us know how you make out.

  3. Jane Bowers

    Thank you. I will be taking this within the next 2 weeks to the authorized service center 200 miles away and leaving it. I will keep you posted on how this comes out and I appreciate your reply.

  4. Jane Bowers

    So Here Is the Latest. The dealer we were required to take it to never once returned any of our calls. We had to call and call and call until we caught her there answering the phone. This is over a period of months. We were told various tales – the machine could not be fixed; then we were told that was someone else’s machine and they were having trouble getting ours to hold tension. Then they said it was destroyed in shipping. Which I have no idea what they meant by that as we hand-delivered the machine and we understood her repairman was in the same town as she is in. We don’t know what happened to our machine. We had to get Pfaff involved to even get the woman to speak to us. Finally Pfaff told us they had sent a brand new machine to the dealer and we needed to go pick it up. Which we did about 10 days ago. This shop is a 3 hour drive away from where we live so we had a 6 hour trip. We have been so upset about this that we didn’t try it out at the store. When we got there they laughed when we said our name and we were here to pick up the machine. Anyway, it was not in a box and did not have the accessories or the presser foot or the electrical connections and cord and control and we had to demand she give us that. She has ours after all. When we got it home, it was dirty and missing parts and would not work. It does not look like a new machine at all. This is the WORST customer service I have ever dealt with in all my life. And I am not young. I cannot give this even a 1 rating. It is a ZERO rating. Thank you for listening. We are still waiting for a reply from Pfaff and/or the dealer. I am out thousands of dollars and I will NEVER buy another Pfaff anything.

  5. Jane Bowers

    Also, FYI, Pfaff tells us that the serial number of the “new” one they sent matches the one we got that is missing parts and is dirty and won’t work. We are still waiting for Pfaff to resolve this…

  6. S. Al-Haddad

    Just saw this. I know the US Pfaff president’s assistant and just sent this to her. Hope it helps.

    • Jane Bowers

      Thank you so much for doing that! I had marked my calendar to update this in September as I was trying to allow the same amount of time on the new machine to see if it did the same thing that the first machine did. After many phone calls, etc., to Pfaff, Pfaff did come through and make this right. We did not want to ever go back to the dealer where we left our original machine and got this 2nd machine from and wanted to mail it back to Pfaff and have them mail us the new one, but Pfaff said they would only fix this if we went back to that dealer. So we drove back there another 3 hours there and 3 hours back and picked up the new machine that was really a new machine. Pfaff had told us that it would be in a box brand new so we could see for ourselves that it was new. After the other episode we didn’t know what to think. But this way we felt we would actually get the machine that Pfaff sent to the dealer. So we made yet another trip and returned the dirty, used machine to the dealer in exchange for the new one Pfaff had sent to her. When we got there, the new machine sitting on a table, no box in sight. My daughter tried it out while she was there with the dealer leaning over her shoulder making her very nervous. As soon as she could tell it was going to sew, she told the woman she wanted the box so she could pack it up and take it home. I do not understand what is so sacred about Pfaff’s boxes but that woman pitched a fit and said under no circumstances could we have the box. My daughter was ready to be done with that place so she carried it to the car and left. She has sewed with it several times now and it appears to be doing great. If it does like the other one in a couple of months, I will post another review. We are thankful that Pfaff made this right, but it was such an ordeal to resolve it! Should we have any trouble with this new one (and so far it is sewing so well!), we will contact an authorized repair center in Dallas and deal with them. We will never go back to the dealer Pfaff sent us to. The final result as of today, though, is that Pfaff did make this right and the new machine is sewing as advertised.
      Our thanks to all who helped us with this!

  7. Sharon Brendle

    The Performance 5.0 is the third Pfaff I have purchased. After reading the previous review I felt compelled to offer mine. I have had my machine for a little over a year and absolutely love it. I still have my old workhorse, the Pfaff 1475, and fortunately the specialty feet purchased for that machine fits my new one. The main reason I continue with Pfaff is because of the built-in walking foot. I have been extremely pleased with the ease of use, the variety of stitches and stitch consistency. It quilts like a dream. I have not been disappointed at all with my purchase. I’m also fortunate to live in an area that has a wonderful dealer.

    • Dally pickering

      I felt compelled to comment so sad to hear of such a problem as I to have an old 25 year old one & my mums is 40 years old & adore my new Phaff performance 5 would entertain any other machine they are so advanced ide ct ( walking foot is 40 years old!!)
      I do think dealers can let a brand down I did not have the best of customer service here in uk ! But was my off put as I
      I’ve the brand

    • Bernie Hansmann

      What area do live in as I am considering buying a Pfaff?

  8. Jane Bowers

    More in our continuing saga of this machine: it has been used approx. 5-6 hours since we got it. Tonight my daughter sewed one seam about 12″ long and it stopped and this message showed up on the screen: “Machine needs to rest. Wait a moment and touch OK Icon when it is enabled”. What on earth does that mean? The icon came back up and she pressed it repeatedly with no change. After awhile she came back to it and touched it again and it released the machine to sew. However, on the back, the machine had sewed a horrible rats nest and that had to be cleared before it would sew again. Obviously the tension was suddenly off. I was told this machine automatically sets the tension but I was not able to confirm this. Do you know if it does? What a terrible disappointment this whole experience has been. Have you ever seen this error message before? Thank you again for all your help on this and for allowing me to tell our story. We don’t really know what to do now. I’d rather throw it in the dumpster than have to go through their dealer again. I had hoped I could change my rating but I’d still give it a “ZERO”.
    Best Regards,

    • tracey

      Several months ago, I purchased Pfaff Quilt Ambition 2.0. It’s OK. It sews. It’s computerized but has manual tension & no thread cutter. Like Jane, I’ve been having problems with bunching thread, birdnesting & my fabric being jammed into the needle plate with wads of thread.

      My dealer is local & said he’d check out my machine at next sewing class. I said that would be OK too but this sudden tension problem occurs at any time. I could be sewing fine for an hour and then suddenly in the middle of stitching, the machine just jams up.

      Usually, I hear a clunk sound as the needle goes down. Then I have to try and free the clump of thread in my fabric and get the needle free of the whole mess. I’ve become quite proficient with a small screwdriver & removing the needleplate (the screwdriver that comes with the machine is useless.) It’s a problem.

      This problem started when I first got the machine. At first, I thought it was me. I must be threading wrong or with the presser foot down or need a new needle – and that’s what most websites suggest is the problem.

      Yet, how does a new Pfaff Quilt Ambition 2.0 machine sew problem free for an hour or so and then literally, in the middle of stitching, goes out of wack & jams the thread? Do I really have to re-thread my machine EACH TIME I sew another seam with the same thread? Even in my novice experience, I never heard of that happening.

      Jane – I DO feel for your dilemma. My dealer is nearby & very reputable. I came to this review thinking maybe I have to upgrade to an auto-tension model to eliminate the problems that I’m having. But reading your saga, I wouldn’t do it.

      My dealer offers a full-price trade-in toward another machine within the first 9 months. He has Babylocks & Huskys. Perhaps that’s the change I should make.

      When the Pfaff sews, it’s straight & stitch quality is perfect. When it loses tension or jams, it really sucks.

      Good luck to you. I’ll continue reading as you go. This is better than a blog!!


    • Kathy Oldershaw

      Sorry to hear about your awful service, I work at a Pfaff dealer and sell the machines. When you get a rats nest in the bobbin it is usually because the thread is out of the take up lever. The take up lever is hard to see on this machine so I teach everyone to make sure the thread is in it. As soon as you hear the noise of it jamming up STOP and re thread. The message you got is so when it is jammed or hits something , like a pin or the throat plate it puts up the machine needs to rest message so it doesn’t keep trying to sew and damaging the motor. Turn the machine off and wait a couple of min. If you get the message “clear thread jam” remove the plate and clear any thread, if you continue to get the message remove the thread from the needle and press the scissor button, sometimes thread is caught in there and the scissor has not gone back to the resting position. The thread jamming is the most common problem we get with all the machines we service. How it jam happens is if the thread is not in the take up lever when your needle goes down and the hook grabs the thread it swoops around the bobbin case to form the stitch, as the needle goes back up the take up lever goes up pulling the slack loop tight to form the stitch. If it’s not in the take up lever it just. Keeps making loops and finally jams and if you keep going it can damage the machine. This is with any machine , everyone thinks it’s the bobbin thread but it’s your top thread that is the problem. My boss has sold sewing machins for 30 yrs and I have worked for him foe 15 yrs. we would never treat our customers like that. The stores are independently owned so it very much depends on the owner whatt kind of service you get. I wish you could come to our store we give individual lessons on whatever machine you buy and we extend the warranty to 3 yrs, that is something my boss does in our store. You can also come back with questions and get as many lessons on the machine as you need. Really wish I was there to help you.

      • Jane Bowers

        Thank you so much for this explanation. I wish you had been the dealer for our machine! Where are you? We are in the Texas Panhandle area. Since we got the UPS we have had no problems with the machine but we will check this to be sure we are threading it correctly. This is good information to know and things to watch for. We have a lot of projects we intend to do this summer and I will write another report to let all know if we had success with them. Thanks again.

    • Debbie Wise

      When I first got my Pfaff Performance 5.2 I was having exactly the same issues as you were with the thread making a horrible nest underneath and the machine had to rest. I boxed it back up and was ready to return it to the dealer. Then I watched a video on YouTube from VillageSewing.com. The video lasted almost 50 minutes but it was the best video I could have watched. What I learned was that I was threading the machine incorrectly and that is what was causing the nesting. Now that I know how to thread the machine is has worked perfectly. The guy that does this video is very knowledge and shows you things you never knew you could do with the machine.

  9. Daphne Rijnders

    I use this machine for 6 months now. I quilt, also free motion, make clothes and bags. Every material is like butter. It sew nicely through. All the features are very handy. I use more than I expected because it is easy to find out how it works. I Use the straight stich plate not only for patchwork and quilting but for thin materials and small projects. The stichters are great and the material never gets stuck at the edges of the project. I Use the big stichtes for my quilts and stich them across each other. It looks stunning as if i can do free motion meandering. The alfabet for monogrammen is awesome for personalized gifts.The light is clear and enough. I LOVE this machine.

  10. Mary Bertsch

    I also have had issues with the jamming up and birdnesting. Right in the middle of the seam it suddenly sews very tiny stitches and won’t move forward. So I patiently clear up the mess. This afternoon I could not get the sensormatic buttonhole to work. I followed the instructions step by step only to have the machine sew backwards only. I finally gave up. I have also had the error message machine needs to rest and I agree the screwdriver that came with the machine is useless. I also don’t like the quarter inch foot, it misses the feeder dogs on the right hand side and doesn’t feed the fabric thru nicely. My machine is a Performance 5.0. I purchased it a year ago, then was diagnosed with cancer so I didn’t use it until April 2014 after I finished chemo. I would not recommend this machine to anyone. It has some great features – if only they would work.

  11. Sewing in a small town

    I thought I reseached this machine in depth. Performance 5.0. Ordered this machine and it took three months to come in. It was worth it in my mind because of the ITD and the tensions will set itself with the stitch and the keyhole is big and its cuts automatically. It was worth every penny of the approx $3,000 I spent on it. Which is a lot of money to me. I uncovered it one day to find the screen broken. Probably a child in my home did something stupid. Took it in for service my bill was discounted at $250.00. I took it in in July and just got it back one week ago. The service tech swears it ws waiting for parts the whole time. The shop I bought it from had given me a loaner so it was not a huge deal to wait. I started to have trouble with the tension on the loaner and had asked for the tension to be looked at on mine when I turned it in for the screen. When I started to sew on my newly fixed machine I found my new screen was bad and the tension was still weird. The tension goes fine then just haywire. I am starting to worry my warranty will run out and I will have a non functioning machine. I was ready to trade it in but that was a very expensive proposition. I took it back in and the service guy is ordering new parts and resetthe tension which worked for about 10 actual sewing minutes and the tension is way off again. I want this machine to work. I thought it was my dream machine. I don’t like to embroider. I replaced a 25 year old $200 bernette with this machine and the bernette is more useful by far. Help with possible solutions if can. Maybe I can give the tech guy some additional places to look on the tension problem and I will just wait for another new screen. Btw all the trips I make to the sewing shop are 2hours each way. Closest pfaff dealer that had the “well researched” performance 5.0.

  12. Vernelle

    Hello, everyone…

    First of all, thank you for visiting Sewing Insight.

    I seldom participate in conversations between site visitors, but rest assured, I do read them. After following this thread for several months, I have decided to take all of your concerns to Cynthia – owner of Cynthia’s Fine Fabrics where I go to do reviews of all new Pfaffs that appear on this website.

    I am not certain that she will be able to provide any solutions to your concerns, but I will share with you whatever thoughts or comments she may have.

    In the meantime…

    Happy stitching.

    • Jane Bowers

      Hello, again. I wanted to give you an update on our machine. Apparently, these machines are very, very sensitive to any kind of power fluctuation, no matter how minor. We weren’t getting any power errors but someone suggested this so we tried it. We bought an UPS so that it would always get the correct amount of power and that seems to have helped a lot. But we had to buy the expensive one ($200 – and VERY heavy!) to get the power boost if there was any kind of drop in the voltage. So far, so good. Anyone that is getting that message about the machine needing to rest, might try the UPS that conditions the power and see if that resolves that problem for them. We so wanted this to do all the things it advertises and to be a good machine. But every time we use it, we hold our breath, hoping that nothing else goes wrong with it. My daughter’s mother-in-law has offered her an older Bernina and I think when she gets it, she will probably put the Pfaff away and never use it again. I am looking forward to your dealer’s suggestions. I want to thank you again for allowing us to have a place to rate these.
      Best Regards,

      • Kathy

        That happens when the needle hits a pin or the throat plate, it’s a safety thing so you don’t harm the motor. Turn the machine off and wait a couple of min then turn it on. If you keep getting the message something else is wrong and it will have to go in for service. I work at a sewing store and have sold pfaff machines for almost 20 yrs.

  13. Pat Keegan

    Omigosh! I am in the market for a new machine and have crossed Pfaff off my list based on this information.

    Will look at Bernina and Brother now.

    • Tina

      Bought my Pfaff 6 months,ago and I am in heaven. Lots to learn about it and trial as I found the fitting of the free motion foot laborious, takes ages to find the right fit until I went to a workshop and the demonstrator had a Pfaff 3.0 and showed me where I was going wrong. Phew!! Love the stitches and the way it sees. Got my vote and I am sorry you have such trouble with yours

  14. Stacey Hensrude

    I bought this machine in November and I’m loving it. I have made a full size quilt, two wall hangings and one table runner. I have never had any problems with it. The stitches are nice and precise. I am baffled by all the negative reviews. The first thing a did right out of the box was to install the update that came out in August. This update states that it fixes alot of the problem that are stated in the negative reviews. Very pleased with this machine.

    • Jane Bowers

      Dear Stacey Hensrude,
      I read your review and am very glad for you that your machine is sewing well. That is what we hoped ours would do. But it didn’t.


    • Pea

      Stacey, still love it? No issues or repairs? I really want this machine but afraid now.

  15. pamela

    I have been using quilt expression 4.0 for 5 years. it was a powerful machine and was used often. Easily 30 quilts and numerous projects. I upgraded to creative sensation pro and today was hit with the “machine needs a rest” icon. hit ok, turned it off for couple hours after cleaning and dusting and after first stitch it reappears. HELP…very sad face if I have to take to dealer.

    • Linda

      How did you get pop up to go away, mine won’t go away no matter what I do the pop up is machine needs to rest

      • Kate Bennett

        I, too, have had that message! At first it worried me, but I found that I did not need to do anything, I just watched till the OK button was enabled, usually less than a minute. I am in the UK and do not have fluctuations in current normally. The message comes up if I sew over a suddenly thicker part of my project, or am forcing fabric through…it doesnt worry me now, in fact I smile and perhaps get a coffee! ( I wish my computer had a similar warning)

  16. Liz

    I bought the creative performance sewing with the updated software 6D..this winter has not been nice to the machine..first there was 3 trips for service to repair “take a rest problem” and now it’s been another 2 trips to repair a screen problem that gets so blury you can’t read it….been all hardware faults and the winter is coming to an end and not much use out of the machine. Money not well spent..

    • Mary

      I had my performance 5.0 serviced last week, now the tie off won’t work. Continuing problem with the machine needs to rest msg. Service assured me everything looks good and the machine is working fine. I am shopping for a new machine. would be a wonderful machine if it did everything they say it can do. It does me no good sitting in the repair shop.

    • Jane

      Dear Liz,
      I know exactly what you mean!
      We have so far had success with no more error messages and no more rats nests after we got an UPS and plugged it into that. The brand we got is APC. The electrician that came out and checked all the wiring in our house, could not find any kind of problem. He told us power companies do have fluctuations all the time and we might try this and see if that would work. It is not just a surge protector but one that will boost the power if there is a drop in voltage. He told us voltage drops do more damage than the surges in power – in his experience -. He said large drops are known as brownouts but if we had had a large drop, every electrical appliance and machine we have plugged in would have gone haywire. This made him think it is very tiny drops in voltage that might be causing our problems. And so far, this has worked. We have not sewn for hours or days at a time and not sewn any heavy materials and no quilting yet. So we haven’t really put any kind of stress on the machine yet. We will be sewing a lot this summer and I guess we’ll see if this still holds true for us then.
      Hoping for better sewing experiences,

  17. Ginny

    I am looking into buying a PFAFF 4.2 and came across this review. I recently owned a lesser priced Long Arm. It would do all kinds of weird stuff by itself. We called it possessed. After much research, we realized that it had to do with the power and the fact that the electronics on that machine were not top quality. I sold that machine and bought a high end long arm and have not had any of the Possessed problems. I have spoken to people who have two long arms plugged into the same wall and one would act up and one would not. I do think Like Jane said , to get a surge protector, plus also the electronics on the Pfaff is not top quality?

  18. Sue Gallacher

    I am looking for a new machine and my local dealer and several internet sites have the Pfaff 5.0 on special offer – £300 less than the Pfaff Expression 4.2. I was going to go for it, but after reading this I think I will look at another brand!

  19. Katyluton

    The U.K. Reduction in price for the 5.0 has finished but just before it did I rang a dealer to ask if
    I could come and try one. I was told they had sold their last one, but they would order another one for me to try/ compare with other machines they stock, and if I choose it , it will be at the offer price. Now I am really worried that it might not be reliable.
    Does anyone in the UK have problems with sewing machines and voltage variations?

  20. Katyluton

    I have bought the Performance 5, with a few doubts in my mind having read of some owners’ problems. I drove 2hours to a dealer in Kings Lynn UK so that I could try the model for myself. I was given plenty of help, and time to “play” with my own pieces of fabric. I also looked at a Bernina . This latter was obviously a better built machine, BUT was nearly 3x the price, with fewer of the features I wanted.
    I have sewn extensively with the 5 since I got it home, and love the tapering feature, the patchwork programme, the way the two thread ends are fastened on the back, and the way I can alternate between using the foot control or not: I do find that when I start via the button on the machine I sometimes inadvertently touch the foot pedal and then wonder why it has stopped! But I am getting used to it, and find it useful. Another feature I like, the main reason I wanted another machine, is the IDT fabric feed system, as I want to be able to use decorative stitches, not just straight stitch with the walking foot as I am restricted to on my Brother.
    One thing I am disappointed about is that the much lauded “Maxi” stitches are not really that big; only one of them, a double flower pattern, is really noticeably bigger than standard decorative stitches.
    One confession: two days ago I found that my needle threader wasn’t working any more, and that my (50cotton) thread was breaking. I rang my dealer who suggested I return the machine. They arranged collection the next day: the hardest part was re packing it in the original box. It was collected yesterday aftrnoon, and this morning I had a phone call fromSteve the dealer to say he had found that I had mistakenly put in a needle that was too small for the threader! He changed it for an 80 and it is working , and the thread does not break. What’s more, my machine will be back with me tomorrow! Not a word of criticism from him, just friendly helpfulness. Now that is what I call excellent service!

  21. Zsani hoover

    I am leaving a short comment for now since I have just written another note to customer service. I paid cash for a performance 5.0 in February 2014. It is end of May 2015. I do not have my machine and have only had it for two months when it was working well. Customer service blew me off and my dealer has done the same. Don’t buy from pfaff. If your machine is good you will be fine but if you have a problem they will not fix it and you will lose everything put into it. WARNING……….BEWARE

  22. Mary Lee

    I have a Pfaff Tiptronic 2030 and I thought of upgrading. However, the man I had bought it from said that most of the sewing machine companies have done various merges and now all the machines are cheaply made and inferior. He recommended that I keep my machine forever and forget about upgrading. That certainly sounds true after all these horrible reviews. My sympathy to all of you.

  23. Dawn Ver Bust

    I purchased a Pfaff Performance 5.0 December 2013. During the course of my ownership of only 18 months, it had been in the shop 4 times and sent out to Pfaff for 8 weeks (during the time to get Christmas presents done) My dealer was very responsive to my issues and tried to fix the problems. My issue was the tension. I could not free motion AT ALL with that machine since Day 1. Then the tension really went and could not even sew a seam. I am an avid quilter and had upgraded from my tiptronic (which I should never have done). Whoever is putting this machine out and advertising it as such a great deal should be shot!!! I only basically had my machine for about half of the time I was the actual owner. I did tell my dealer I had had enough and was given full purchase price back to go toward a new machine which I did. I bought a Brother NX2000 and have been able to free motion again! I love it. I loved my tiptronic but again that was when they were made in Germany. If we are supposed to buy American, lets please have a quality product to buy.

    • Mary Bertsch

      I agree with you about the tension problems with the Pfaff 5.0. So far my 5.0 has done everything I have asked it to do……has it done them well? NO. It is all well and good to manufacture a machine with all the decorative stitches and fancy options, but what happened to the stitch quality. My dealer tells me to change needles, change thread, etc etc all the standard blah, blah…..nothing has helped.

      • Katte

        I have had my Performance 5.0 since June 2015. I am a patchworker and simple machine quilter. I have found no problems with tension or stitch quality, and am enjoying using it. I recently was given a pieced quilt top with 4ounce wadding ( yes really thick!) and I successfully quilted it with one of the wavy stitch lines, elongated by me to suit. No puckers underneath, so I was relieved.
        My only grouse with the machine is the difficulty in getting extra feet. I ordered three new feet, and it has taken three months to get the first two, and I am still waiting for the last one.

    • Zsani hoover

      I am replying to the gal who was able to return and get something else. I am so glad for you. That was the right thing to do. I would have taken that option too if given the chance. I have had my pfaff 5.0 back from the dealer two weeks now and I am afraid to sew on it. I think the hobby I loved has had the love taken away by the 5.0. Dramatic….hey. Any way, I was the one that hadn’t been able to use mine for down time on repair. It’s last trip was only five months and I have gotten nasty with the people at the dealer so I probably have a $3000 piece of junk. I have owned it for 18 months now and I have been able to sew on it for only two months trouble free. I will have to get it out to see if it will sew soon. Congrats to you. I wish my dealer had served me better or pfaff would have stepped up to help.

  24. LINDA

    have just found this website regarding pfaff 5.0 i got mine in march this year and i just love it have made loads of stuff samplers ,quilts bags i think its fab when stitching quickly its a bit noisy but i can live with that and theres so many stiches on this machine .im very sorry to read the problems the ladies are having with theres that is unfortunate. these machines are definately a considered purchase and pfaff should have a better set up when dealing with customers problems. i live in belfast and have a fab dealerwho is very supportive to any queries or problems i would have and they will also service it for me when i want to i do hope you all get some good out of your pfaffs.

    • Kate

      Hi, I am pleased that I am not the only one to be enjoying using my Pfaff 5.0! Have YOU tried to get other feet? That has been my only bugbear so far.

      • LINDA

        not as yet kate but i will ask my dealer about them for you if you like as far as i know they are a bit pricey but i think thats not a suprise when talking about the 5.0 i just love mine im making mug rugs at the minute plenty of them for friends

      • Barbara Jean Ellis

        Kate, you can order Pfaff feet at Amazon. I got a stitch in the ditch foot from them, very reasonably priced — $9.

  25. B Gaits

    I have had this machine (Performance 5.0) for almost a year. It is an amazing machine. My first Pfaff I had for over 20 years. This machine is quiet, great stitches, and absolutely no problems. You can raise and lower the presser foot THREE ways. One with the buttons, one with the knee lift and the last with the foot pedal. I do quilting, sewing and mixed media. It has never not done what was asked of it. I have almost all the feet that fit it and they all work great. I have put all types of threads through it without a hitch. You just have to use the correct needles for the threads and the right tension. Just finished quilting with invisible thread. Watch the review on YouTube by Village Sewing. I learned so much from this video. This is an amazing machine. If yours is not working right, then maybe you need a new dealer. I would buy it again in an instant.

    • Dawn

      I only use titanium needles, I am not a novice to sewing, I think I would know to check my needles…

  26. Launie

    Well geez. I have a Pfaff Quilt Expressions 2048 that is 8 years old. I was thinking of upgrading to the Pfaff Performance 5. Now I’m not so sure…

  27. Shirley

    I have had mine a little over a year and it has been in the repair shop 4 times. I bought it in Germany but now I live in the U.S. Before leaving Germany, I was told the warranty would not be accepted in the U.S. and was not given one. I am still having problems. It is so disappointing to spend this kind of money on a machine and have problems right from the start. The reason I bought it was years before I owned a Tiptronic 2040. I still have it, but now my girls use it. It was more basic, but never a problem with it and I have had it nearly 14 years.

  28. Andrea

    Thanks to Sewing Insight for doing these reviews, and providing the option for comments from users– I’ve really found it valuable, as I research and get ready for a decent machine. I currently use a little cheap Brother–its gotten me through a lot, but stitch consistency, and ease of moving are a challenge. I knew, as I quilted more, that I needed a better machine. Having these reviews, and the reviews from users, has been invaluable.
    It sounds like the Pfaff 5000 is one extreme or the other, and that with mergers, the quality of customer support is not there. Nor the quality of electronics in the machine. I’m looking now at a Juki TL-2010 Q, to have a really reliable, basic machine. right now, my quilting is straight stitching, and I’ve been playing with free Motion Quilting; when I tried the Juki at my area dealer, I really liked the consistency; currently, reviews seem to be positive, and price is reasonable. It doesn’t have as many extras; so I’ll still be evaluating other machine options over the years. Will now be looking at Viking, Husky and Bernina’s– down the road.
    I’ve really appreciated having this option to hear other’s experiences; its invaluable in helping to evaluate factors and decide.

    • Billy

      I think you are very mistaken about the reviews on this site. I have been using Pfaff for very many years. I have had the Pfaff Performance 5.0 for a year now and it is an EXCELLENT machine. Watch the video about in on YouTube by Village sewing and then make a more informed decision. I was dismayed by the reviews here.

      • Kate Bennett

        In my opinion the reviews, though mixed, are valuable not least because they point to individual problems that sewers may have had with a machine, and this informs prospective buyers about what to look out for, or to discuss with their dealer, or to try for themselves while considering a particular model.
        They also graphically show that the quality of one’s dealer is very important : I don’t think I would have bought the Pfaff 5.0 if I had been in the States unless very near a reputable, reliable dealer. I am
        In the UK and drove 80 miles each way to try the machine for myself before buying it. I would always read all the reviews of machines as a first step in choosing one

      • Elizabeth

        I was so frustrated by my 4.0 until I stumbled across that YouTube by Village Sewing! PFAFF should pay the guy who made that instructional guide…what a wonderful guide, especially since the manual is worthless. I think the video is about 1.5 hours long, but full of tips. Try to put your machine right by the computer and you can follow along with the tutorial.

  29. Marta

    Wow. I am so bummed. I was just at Cynthia’s yesterday and this is the machine I was looking at. Cynthia is wonderful and I know that she would never leave me high and dry. However, if the PFAFF company does not support its product, or if the product is a hit/miss, then I am thinking this is not the machine for me. I have seen the YouTube video that John (Village Sewing) posted and it sold me (along with Cynthia’s presentation). I used to drive only Volvos until I got a lemon. That was a nightmare. As a result, I never bought a Volvo again. I have looked at many reviews online and the thing that scares me is that they are either raves or nightmares – no in between. I am going back to Cynthia to discuss other options. Ugh. I was so sure this would be an awesome machine. My heart goes out to all those who went through such negative experiences. A hobby should take you away from life’s stresses, not add to it.

    • Deb

      I was also going to get this machine….3000.00 dollars is a lot of money to someone living on social security…so I believe I will look for better reviews.

    • Barbara Jean Ellis

      Marta, I too saw those You Tube videos and was seriously considering a 5.0 but a friend told me to research reviews. So glad I did. I currently have a Pfaff 7570 and I believe it was one of the last ones made in Germany. It still works great but I was hoping to get a Pfaff that tied off. I sure have changed my mind. Maybe I will wait until the end of the year for the 5.2 and read those reviews. Pfaff should really do a bit more with quality control from the sounds of things. And also Customer Service?

  30. Dawn Mahrt

    So glad all these reviews were posted here and available for me to read. I went to my Pfaff dealer yesterday to look at new machines and was sold on the Performance 5.0 until coming home and reading these reviews. There’s a Bernina dealer about 45 miles away. I believe I’ll be making a trip to check out their offerings next weekend.
    Thanks to all who posted reviews on this machine.

    • Zsani hoover

      You are welcome. I did get my machine back and have used it for approximately two hours. I do not like the feeling of ugliness that comes with thinking about the experience with pfaff machine so I have chosen not to sew to find out too much about it. My last time spent on it when it came home I realized the bobbin sensor did not work. Maybe once the hard feelings have subsided I will try again.

  31. Marta

    Well, I went back to Cynthia’s Fine Fabrics and after speaking with many of the girls who take classes there I once again have confidence in the Performance 5.0. It seems that most troubles stem from incorrect threading which can lead to a myriad of other issues. Not one person who owns the machine that I spoke with (and I have spoken to dozens) has had a bad experience. I have decided to purchase the machine and I bought it home a few days ago. I can’t begin to share how wonderful it is and how easy it is to operate. Again, threading correctly is key and the stitch quality is exceptional. I would recommend to anyone who is considering this machine to find a dealer who will teach you how to use it. You will not regret it.

  32. Sue

    I’m considering this machine. The dealer is a five minute drive from my house. I love my Passport. I had rat nest issues a few times but re threading fixes the problem. The IDT is wonderful.

    • Marta

      I am so happy I purchased the 5.0. – zero problems. I highly recommend it! I just used it this weekend in a class I was taking and it sews like a dream. I am so, so, happy I went with it. It is a workhorse and what I love most about it (besides the plethora of gorgeous stitches and built in IDT) is that it is so consistent. Performs every time.

  33. CinnamonSpice

    My 20 year old Pfaff is having some issues so I have been looking at getting the Performance 5.0 for quite a while. I spoke with a dealer at length yesterday regarding issues with this machine after coming here for reviews. One of the things he said was that there HAD been a problem with the wiring in the bottom of the machine. Pfaff has since recognized this issue and fixed it. He said the wiring WAS copper and is now an alloy (silver colored). So look at the underneath side of your machines to see which wiring it has…. Copper or silver. Hopefully this will help you solve some of the problems with this machine. Happy Sewing….

  34. WilliamrinD

    Fantastic article post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

  35. Jeannette Antry

    I purchased this machine from a dealer I have been fortunate enough to know for many years. I used a bernina before and have kept that machine in case something goes wrong with the Pfaff. I have been sewing on it for about a year now. Three of my students have also been sewing on it. I teach bra making and the fabrics are hard for any machine to sew on.
    It is so hard choose a good machine. I love all the great features on this machine. I do find it harder to thread than my bernina, but it will do the embroidery and difficult stitching I have always wanted to do that my bernina would not do.
    I love all the features of this machine and look forward to having it for many years.
    And the more I sew the more familiar I get with the different features that actually make my sewing so much easier. The more electronics to a machine the more there is to go wrong.
    I too feel for those women who have had difficulties with getting the machine problems dealt with in a better fashion. I had to completely take my serger apart since there was nothing the dealer could do nor was there a way to get the part I knew to be the problem. I reset the computer by unplugging it and it fixed my problems.
    I enjoy reading the reviews and hearing each experience. Thanks for sharing. Jnetti

    • Mary

      I have had my Pfaff Performance 5.0 about 3 years. Had a lot of issues in the beginning. Bobbin case had to be replaced, some kind of re-calibration was done (I don’t begin to understand “re-calibration”)….several adjustments here and there. My dealer was great which I think is the key to the whole thing. I am 100 miles away, 90 minute drive, from my dealer so I am grateful they addressed my concerns immediately when I arrived at the store. The reviews on this website are wonderful but I sincerely believe comparing machines is like comparing apples to oranges and doesn’t do justice to either machine. Personal advice……a new machine is a major investment these days so buy thru a dealership you know and trust. My Performance 5.0 does what I want it to….it is very fussy with thread and needle types and when I get sewing 90 mph like some kind of mad woman it says “machine needs to rest”. LOL I would buy another Performance 5.0.

      • LE

        I bought a Performance 5.0 recently and have just started to put it through it’s paces. Just out of curiosity (and potential need down the road), what kind of thread and needles does your machine like?

      • mary

        When I purchased the machine they recommended Inspira needles. Since the nearest place for me to purchase Inspira needles is 100 miles away I chose to continue using Schmetz needles. My type of sewing is mostly quilting and I use Schmetz Microtex, 80/12, I sometimes use Microtex sharp 80/12. If I am sewing something heavier like denim I switch to Schmetz jeans/denim 40/100 size. I use Hope you have as good luck with your 5.0 as I’ve had with mine. Mary

      • Kathy

        I work at a Pfaff dealers in Canada, I have worked there for almost 20 yrs. Inspira needles are just the brand sold by Pfaff , Schmetz are very good needles that is what we sell. When Pfaff changed to
        Inspira we didn’t change. I have just purchased a Performance 5 and I am very pleased with it , I had a 7570 for almost 20 yrs , it’s still going but the embroidery features are out of date and won’t work with new computers. As for what thread , any good quality thread not the cheap stuff from the bargain bin. We sell quilting fabrics so the threads we sell are cotton but depending on what you are sewing match the thread to the type of fabric.

  36. Mary

    You also need to match the thread to the type/size of needle, not just to the fabric type. When my machine is acting up I tell my sewing friends that I evidently didn’t play the “matching game” correctly.

    • LE

      So would that mean for example, embroidery thread for embroidery needle? I love your term for it!

  37. Jean Chambers

    I have had a Pfaff 2042 for several years. I hated it when I first started using it because the bobbin thread would get caught in the bobbin case and the machine would keep sewing with the fabric bunching up behind it. I would have to stop and cut the bobbin thread and then manually release the bobbin thread and start again. I took it to the Pfaff dealer and he did help with the bobbin problem some but it still occasionally gets caught. I hated the machine and did not use it and continued to use my old Singer until it wore out and then I was forced to use the Pfaff. I have grown to love the machine and do plan to purchase another.
    I have made a time to go to a Pfaff dealer ( 90 miles away) and purchase a new machine. I will keep the old one and just keep one machine ready to quilt with at all times so I do not have to change the foot. I find it is very difficult for me to put on the foot to quilt, so therefore I have lots of small items that need to be quilted. I will certainly take into consideration all I have read in these reviews.

  38. Susanne

    I have a Passport and love it. I want some space to quilt so decided to go for this one. I like it a lot so far, especially after watching the Village videos. My one complaint is I do find it harder to thread correctly than other machines. I can’t see the takeup lever and the thread has come out of the needle thread guide while sewing. Probably operator error.

  39. Inge

    Please ask yourself many questions, like
    – is there a problem with a machine, or with a dealer?
    – can I learn more about how my highly complex sewing machine is working?
    – how experienced am I with this particular brand?
    – what have I been using so far? (Different brand, a machine made decades ago etc.)
    – what features or characteristics are important to me?
    – what are other people’s experiences with a brand, a specific machine, a dealer?
    – why do they comment the way they do? Did they answer these kind of questions before making their comment? Do they communicate this?
    – is it just this machine or brand that’s getting negative comments, or can this be found also when checking out other brands or machines?
    – where do reviewers live, where do I live? Is for instance service in the US a general problem with European machines?
    – is there a decent dealer at a reasonable distance from my house?
    – etc etc!

    Practically all impressive sewing is being done on big brands like pfaff, bernina etc. With the amount of machines being produced, is it likely you have bad luck with your particular machine, or should a whole line of machines or even a brand be taken down?

    I can totally understand your emotions when dealing with sewing problems. But please try to be as fair as possible in what or who you’re blaming and not for instance ditch a whole brand because of a crappy dealer. You might decide on a different brand however if there isn’t a decent dealer nearby. Analyse your problem or question properly, it’s more than half the answer!

    Btw, I’ve used a simple Husqvarna until I outgrew it’s possibilities, it sewed like a dream! Then I bought a Pfaff expression 2.0, wich also sews like a dream. I’m using it daily (I’m a garmentmaker), had it maintained only once or twice over the last 5 years (so I guess I’m not that kind to it 😉 ) and the only problems I’ve encountered I had myself to blame for. Many important sewists (including dressmakers and artists) I know love their Bernina’s, others prefer Pfaff because of idt. I think you can’t go wrong with most big brands as long as you find something that suits your needs and feels comfortable for you. And have a decent dealer / repairman nearby of course!

    I wish you all happy sewing on a proper functioning machine that works well for YOU!

  40. Barbara Jean Ellis

    YIKES! After reading all the problems with the 5.0, I think I will stick with my (old) 7570 that sews very nicely. I did want a machine that tied off with a knee control. Now I think I will wait for the 5.2 reviews at the end of that model year and see how they fare. It’s such a big investment to have all these issues. I love the IDT feature of the Pfaff machines. I wish they had not sold the company and kept the manufacturing in Germany. …and so it goes.

  41. Laura Baylis

    I will never work with any other company than Pfaff. I think the company really stands behind it’s product and they proved it to me after I bought a Coverstitch 4.0 on eBay for $600 and during shipping it was broken. I didn’t realize it in time to go to the shipping company for reimbursement, so I took it to a Pfaff dealer, whom I didn’t know from adam, and they attempted to repair it, and when they couldn’t fix it they sent it to the company itself. Pfaff said it wasn’t something they could fix so they sent me a completely BRAND NEW Coverstitch 4.0 ($2000 value) and I paid only shipping.

    I now have that unit and the Performance 5.0 and would never go back to Bernina or Husqvarna again.

    • Nancy Mattis

      I bought the 5.0 as a special deal, one of the last made. I wish I hadn’t. After three months, the upper thread stopped picking up the bobbin thread. Repairing it proved impossible, but it was under warranty and I’m getting an entirely new machine. I would rather have had a refund. These are things I don’t like about this machine: (1) it doesn’t stitch well over four layers of fabric where quilt seams meet, making tiny stitches and complaining the whole time (2) it is very difficult to thread, with the top uptake lever being impossible to see; it takes me at least two threadings to get it right—my previous Pfaffs I could thread in seconds (3) it has no manual pressure foot lift, which is good in that this doesn’t get in the way, but bad in that it’s impossible to do a precise positioning (4) the cover on the bobbin case is tricky to get on and off, and there’s a little lip that tends to flip seams, annoying for quilt piecing. I could add more, but these are the things I find most annoying. For an expensive machine, I’m very disappointed. I have had and loved Pfaffs in the past, but these newer machines seem cheap and poorly designed. I will be attempting to trade the new machine in, unused, on a Bernina or a Janome.

      • Rob

        Amazing i have had my Performance 5 for almost 4 months. I got a great deal on the last model instock. As the 5.2 had been released.

        I have used this machine almost daily. I adore this machine. The IDT is amazing. The stitch quality is as good as my Bernina.

        I have foundation papered pieced chained pieced. Free motion quilt and embroidery. My machine has not missed a beat or stitch.

        I had one incident that amazed me. I was piecing and i stitched right through the pin head. The needle did not break it did not miss a step. I did not even noticed until i tried to remove the pin. Did not break or bend the needle.

        This machine has been perfect. I really like the maxi stitches for quilting borders.

        Wonderful wonderful machine

  42. Carla

    Can anybody help with a software update I have with my pfaff 5.0 ? When I put the update into a USB stick (correct FAT format, new stick so nothing else on it.) I unzip (extract with windows 10) to update and it’s visible via the pic on my USB but when I connect to the machine it says ‘file update missing’ thanks very much in advance.

  43. Sally

    I’m looking into purchasing the Pfaff 5.2. Will I be able to use it to sew swimming clothes with it? Is it safe to use swimming clothes fabric or will the machine get damaged?
    Also would beginners be able to learn to sew with this machine?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Liama Kunj

      I had a horrible experience with the 5.0; the list of annoyances was long, but after 5 months, the bobbin refused to turn. Long story short, it was unrepairable and I was given a 5.2. That one was excessively noisy, didn’t stitch consistently, was very finicky about needles and thread, and the cutter worked only sometimes. I spent more time fiddling with each of these machines than actually sewing! I was greatly disappointed as I had had two other Pfaffs that I absolutely loved; but both were made in Europe, before manufacture was shifted to China about 2007. I ended up selling the 5.2 after three months of fighting with it and sprang for a Bernina, which continues to be an absolute dream. My advice: try a Janome or Bernina instead. Pfaff, sadly, no longer makes a reliably good machine.

  44. Jane B

    I have had my Pfaff 5.0 since July 2014 and absolutely love it!! I purchased it at a family owned dealership in Victoria, BC, Canada. They are currently a 3 hour drive from where I live but if I have any questions I pick up the phone. Great customer service. I am still learning about my machine as we have only recently retired. I have always used my machine and almost all our other electronics with a surge protector as during storm season our power could go out any time. Threading was a learning curve as was everything else as my previous machine was a lovely 40 year old Husquavarna.
    Has anyone ever taken their 5.0 on a road trip? We have a 5th wheel RV and plan on being on the road for approximately 6 months this winter. I was told if I put it in a well padded container it should travel well. Now after reading all the reviews I am not sure if it would do well on the road. I purchased a small Janome for my RV but I don’t enjoy sewing on it as much. Also I have just started into bag making. The 5.0 sews through many layers with no problem.


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