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Consew 14TU

Consew 14TU Review

It’s always nice to welcome new neighbors to the community. It’s a special treat to find out that a new neighbor also loves to sew and has a mini sewing factory in their home. My new neighbor is a semi-retired pattern maker and tailor. When he allowed me to review his Consew 14TU, it was easy to see why he chose this machine. It is ideal for finishing seams. In addition, this machine is super user-friendly and very easy to maintain.
Real FY 361

Real FY 361 Review

This straight stitch only industrial sewing machine is a product of the US based Tacony Corporation. It is super fast and can be used to sew or repair car seats, boat sails, purses, shoes and upholstery. This is one of those specialty sewing machines that would be a good addition to any home based business or commercial setting. The clutch motor is quieter than most and the stitch quality is excellent.
Accuquilt Go Big Fabric Cutter

Accuquilt Go Big Fabric Cutter Review

Although the Accuquilt Go Big is not the first cutter of this type I have seen, it is the very first that I have had an opportunity to review. Since it is the first, I have no basis for comparison. However, I can confirm that I was impressed by its accuracy, the professional looking edges and the speed with which it is able to cut through multiple layers of fabric with ease. The Accuquilt Go Big is designed for use by quilters, but as someone who is not a quilter, I can see how people who like to use a lot of appliques could benefit from having one of these in their sewing rooms a well.
Necchi 4825

Necchi 4825 Review

After years of anticipation and looking forward to reviewing a Necchi sewing machine, I almost felt like the child who received a beautifully wrapped gift box full of coal and ashes on Christmas Day. The Necchi 4825 was a real disappointment. It looks wonderful, but the stitch quality is so poor that I must rank it among the worst I have ever experienced. It is easy to thread and not an altogether horrible choice for a child who might be learning to sew, but parents and grandparents beware. You will be shopping for a new sewing machine for your budding designer before you know it.
Consew 206RB sewing machine

Consew 206RB-5 Review

The Consew 206RB-5 is one of those straight stitch only industrial sewing machines that can handle just about anything… from light weight natural fabrics to the thickest of leather or sailcloth. With a speed of up to 3300 stitches per minute, this one is definitely not for the beginner. Nor is it for the timid. It is not a complicated machine for anyone who is familiar with the workings of a basic mechanical sewing machine, but if you have to use the owner’s manual, be forewarned. It is written by someone for whom English is a somewhat of a challenge.

Alphasew PW 200 Review

The Alphasew PW 200 gets high marks in the marine industry. It is one of the most popular machines for mending torn sails. It is also ideal for working with thick layers of leather and suede, fur, heavy vinyl and canvas. This machine is small enough to fit into a standard sized sewing machine case or can be table mounted. It sews up to 900 stitches per minute and is built so that it can be easily cleaned and serviced. This seemingly insignificant feature means that anyone who purchases this machine will save hundreds in maintenance and service fees over the years.
Tacsew BLST–2 Portable Blindstitcher

Tacsew BLST–2 Portable Blindstitcher Review

The Tacsew BLST-2 Portable Blindstitcher is small, affordable and easy to use. It weighs less than 25 pounds but works just as hard as a full size blind stitch machine. According to Brad Parker, owner and manager of the Gold Coast Sewing and Vacuum Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, this is a favorite among his clients who are professional dressmakers and tailors. This is one single purpose industrial sewing machine that impressed me so much, I might just consider adding it to my own sewing room. In my opinion, it is an ideal choice for anyone who makes a lot of dress slacks, tailored skirts and what I like to call ‘dressy’ dresses… especially if they don’t have a lot of time for hemming by hand. With this in your personal sewing room, you can cut your hemming time to a fraction of the time you spend putting in hems by hand.

Consew Model 14TU854 Overlock Machine Review

The stitches are wonderful. The Consew 14TU854 Overlock Machine has a free arm and is user friendly. What it does not have, in my opinion is a long life. That’s because of the amount of noise and vibration that you get when sewing, even when not sewing at high speeds, and type of plastic the manufacturer chose to use for the outside shell. The plastic is very hard and seemingly brittle. It reminds me of a very inexpensive toy… the kind of plastic that will crack after just a little bit of use.
Necchi ProLock PL 1020

Necchi ProLock PL 1020 Review

If all you want is a pretty serger that looks good in your sewing room and delivers good stitch quality, you will be very happy with the Necchi ProLock PL 1020. However, if you want to really work on this one, you might be disappointed by some of the design features that I found to be hard to get to and downright inconvenient to someone who doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands.

White Speedylock Model 1600 Review

When it comes to used sergers, you could do better. I had an opportunity to review this serger while visiting the used machine department at Factory Sew-Vac. While the stitches are good, there are other things that could turn you off. If, however, you don’t mind working on a noisy machine that vibrates more than I think it should, you just might be happy with the White Speedylock Model 1600.