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janome mc 15000

Janome Memory Craft 15000 Review

Reviewing the brand new Janome Memory Craft 15000 was a real treat. I knew it was going to be fun when Faye Nichol, owner of Sunshine Sewing and Quilting in Margate, Florida told me that if she wasn’t a dealer, this is the machine she would buy. With so many features and accessories, including an Apple iPad, I could definitely understand why.

Janome HD 1000 Review

The Janome HD 1000 looks and functions like sewing machines of a bygone era. It is an all metal heavy duty sewing machine that puts 14 utility stitches at your fingertips. It doesn’t have many of bells and whistles that are found on most new sewing machines, and I am willing to guess that if you had this machine in your sewing room, you wouldn’t even miss them.

Janome HD 3000 Review

If you like mechanical sewing machines, you just might love this one. The Janome HD 3000 has all of the great features of a solid, metal mechanical sewing machine as well as lots of the conveniences you would expect to find on a computerized sewing machine.
Janome Xpression

Janome Xpression Review

They say you have an opportunity to learn something every day. Well, I certainly learned a lot when I visited Margate, Florida’s Sunshine Sewing Center and reviewed the single purpose Janome Xpression FM 725. It’s a single function felting machine that allows you to simply let your imagination go to create just about anything you can see in your mind’s eye.

Janome Magnolia 7330 Review

From the very first time I saw the Magnolia, I’ve wanted to review it. For some reason, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed… and I was right. This is a computerized sewing machine that everybody in the house can use regardless of their skill level.

Janome QC 6260 Review

When I reviewed a friend’s Janome QC 6260, it was very easy to see why she refuses to let it out of the house. This machine was purchased in 2006, gets lots and lots of use and it still works as great as it did when she first brought it home and unpacked it.

Janome DC 2012 Review

Each year since 2010, Janome has introduced a brand new sewing and quilting machine in the Décor Computer line. These lightweight portable machines appear to be identical with the exception of the color on the front. They all have 50 decorative and utility stitches, three one step button holes and tons of great features that make them great for beginners as well as the seasoned expert.
Janome 1600P

Janome 1600P Review

When I first saw the Janome 1600P, I thought it was an industrial sewing machine, but I was mistaken. This is a super fast, metal, straight stitch only mechanical sewing machine designed for home use. If you like making leather or suede purses or working with super heavy materials like canvas, this might be the perfect machine for you.

Janome My Style 100 Review

Reviewing the Janome My Style 100 was a real treat for this long time home sewer who still has an affinity for mechanical sewing machines. I honestly don’t know why I prefer mechanical machines, but the truth i...
Janome MB4

Janome MB4 Review

If machine embroidery is your thing, you are going to love this one. Although the Janome MB 4 looks like it needs a whole lot of space in your sewing room, the truth is, its footprint is no larger than that of the Janome 1100. In keeping with Janome’s reputation as an innovator in home machine embroidery, the MB 4 is the first ever four needle home embroidery machine.