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janome artistic quilter

Janome Artistic Quilter SD 18 Review

The folks at Janome have entered into a partnership with the Artistic Quilting Company of Canada. This means that it is now possible to get a dedicated quilting machine at your local Janome dealer. When I reviewed the Artistic Quilter SD 18, I was impressed by the user friendliness of this machine. Its simple design and ergonomic features make this an ideal selection for anyone who loves machine quilting but does not have the space to accommodate a large quilt frame. It is also an excellent choice for anyone who may be challenged by having to stand at a quilt frame for several hours on end. It is easy enough for a child of 12 or 13 to learn to use. With the addition of some optional accessories, the seasoned freehand machine quilting enthusiast will never tire or get bored creating intricate and detailed quilt designs and patterns on this highly customizable dedicated quilter. The Artistic Quilter SD 18 is mounted on a table that features a drop leaf which makes it a great space saver as well… giving machine quilting enthusiasts with space limitations the flexibility of adding a dedicated quilting machine to their sewing rooms as well.
Janome Skyline S5

Janome Skyline S5 Review

The Janome Skyline S5 is possibly the best designed sewing and quilting machine I have seen in a very long time. This machine is not only easy to operate, it is extremely user friendly. The design and placement of the features combine to make this one of the best machines for sewers of all skill levels that I have reviewed in a very, very long time. The stitch selection process, the ability to change the needle plate with just one hand, and the sturdy ergonomic design are just a few of the features that make the Skyline S5 stand apart from many other sewing and quilting machines in its class.
Hello Kitty 18750

Janome Hello Kitty 18750 Review

Before reviewing the Hello Kitty 18750 from Janome, I was totally against teaching children to sew on computerized sewing machines. After doing this review, however, my mind has been changed. If you take away the Hello Kitty name and logo, this machine looks very much like the Janome 3160QDC. It has many of the same features and is one of the most user friendly computerized machines I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing.
Janome Hello Kitty 15822

Janome Hello Kitty 15822 Review

If there is a very young sewer in your life, you might be interested in taking a very close look at the Hello Kitty 15822 from Janome. This electronic sewing machine is loaded with kid friendly features like large, easy to understand and use dials and an automatic needle threader and a free arm. I got my first sewing machine when I was eight and never stopped sewing. There are a lot of sewing machines out there that are designed for children. Unfortunately, many of them are mere toys that do not produce good quality stitches and are difficult to use. It’s easy to start a love affair with sewing when a youngster starts out on a good sewing machine, and the Hello Kitty 15822 fills the bill.
Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200QC

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200QC Review

This is one of the most well built, user friendly computerized sewing and quilting machines I have had the pleasure of working on. The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200QC is a solid, quiet machine that can please the most seasoned of home sewers. It’s a great machine for beginners as well because its function buttons and features are so clearly defined and easy to use.
Janome DC 5100

Janome DC 5100 Review

The Janome DC 5100 is a basic computerized sewing machine that brings 167 decorative, utility and alphanumeric stitches and all the features any beginner or experienced home sewer would appreciate to your sewing room. In addition, it also brings with it all of the great Janome quality and workmanship. It is an excellent choice that I believe everyone will be able to appreciate.

Janome 8002D Review

There aren’t many sergers out there that I would recommend for use by children, but the Janome 8002D is an exception. This serger is easy to thread, easy to maintain and one of the most user friendly sergers I have had the pleasure to review. Learning to use the Janome 8002D is, in my opinion, easy for youngsters as well as those who are returning to sewing after a lengthy hiatus and just starting to venture into the world of serging.

Janome/New Home 2206 Review

The Janome/New Home 2206 is one of the best mechanical sewing machines I have reviewed. It has only six stitch options, and there is no way to control the stitch length and width, but that limitation is immaterial when you consider the user friendliness and superior stitch quality.
Janome 2222

Janome 2222 Review

This is an affordably priced, mechanical sewing machine that’s ideal for beginners. It has 22 stitch options plus one one-step buttonhole, an automatic needle threader and an on board accessories case that when removed, gives you access to a free arm. My only hesitation was that a few of the decorative stitches require a little extra manipulation of the length and width adjustment dials before I was able to get the desired result. All in all, however, this is a very good sewing machine, especially if price is a concern.
Janome 2212

Janome 2212 Review

This basic mechanical sewing machine has 14 utility stitch options and is a great choice for sewers of all ages and skill levels. It’s a wonderful learning tool for beginners of all ages, especially children. The large easy to use dials and uncomplicated threading system are not only ideal for beginners, but the superior stitch quality and solid workmanship make this a perfect sewing machine for intermediate and advanced home sewers as well.