Brother PQ 1500SL PRW Review

The Brother PQ 1500SL PRW is a straight stitch sewing and quilting machine that is capable of sewing up to 1500 stitches per minute. When I reviewed this particular machine, it was attached to the Brother Dream Fabric Frame. While I initially thought performing a fair review might have been difficult, I quickly learned that it was impossible to do a good review of one machine without reviewing the other as well. It would have been impossible for the Dream Fabric Frame to operate properly without a well built, solid, reliable sewing machine. The Brother PQ 1500SL PRW is just such a machine. It is quiet and does not vibrate while in use. If you are in the market for a reliable straight stitch only high speed sewing and quilting machine without a lot of frills, this just might be the machine you are looking for.

Brother Dream Fabric Frame Review

I have considered myself to be a sewing expert and up to date on everything related to sewing and sewing machines for many years. However, it wasn’t until watching a sewing program called It’s Sew Easy that I came across something I didn’t even know existed. The Brother Dream Fabric Frame is a quilt frame that stands alone and can be attached to certain sewing machines. Although I’m not a quilter, this intrigued me so much, I couldn’t resist the urge to embark upon a search for one to review. The Brother Dream Fabric Frame may not be the ideal choice for some machine quilting enthusiasts. However, if you love making large quilts but have space limitations, you owe it to yourself to take a very long hard look at it.
Brother Innov-Is 2800D

Brother Innov-Is 2800D Review

The Brother Innov-Is 2800D is not new on the market, but one that I was only able to review a little while ago. This machine is what some might call a hidden treasure. It is more than just user friendly. It is an ideal alternative to those throw away machines you come across in big box stores simply because of its solid construction and superior performance. If your budget won’t allow you to invest in a brand new sewing and quilting machine, take a very long hard look at the Brother Innov-Is 2800D before settling for a newer model machine of lesser quality.
Brother Innovis Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 1300 PRW

Brother Innov-is Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 1300 PRW Review

The Brother Innov-is Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 1300 PRW is one of the most user friendly affordable sewing and quilting machines I have had the pleasure of reviewing. It is also the very first sewing and quilting machine that I have had the honor of observing a store owner give a full demonstration for a customer. As I was reviewing this machine, a customer expressed interest in it. I cleared the way and watched Laura, owner of Laura’s Sewing and Vacuum in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, as she taught this woman how to operate the NQ 1300 PRW right on the spot. In just a few short minutes, her client was creating all sorts of stitches and stitch combinations on her own, without any input or assistance from Laura… confirming that this machine is truly user friendly.
Brother Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 700 PRW

Brother Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 700 PRW Review

There is no doubt whatsoever that all of the machines in the Brother Q series are affordable and user friendly. The Brother Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 700 PRW is no exception. The difference, however, is that this particular machine is even more user friendly – especially for the beginner – and more affordable. It has all of the most desirable features and benefits found on the higher end machines in the Q series, but not so many that it is overwhelming for someone who has never worked on a sewing machine before. I do not, however, recommend this machine for children younger than 12 years of age because with 180 utility and decorative stitch options to choose from, a young child could easily become overwhelmed.
Brother Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 900 PRW

Brother Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 900 PRW Review

As a big fan of the long running clothing design and sewing competition program, Project Runway, I have always gravitated toward sewing machines and sergers with the very popular Project Runway logo. To be honest, some of these machines have been great and others have been quite disappointing. I am happy to report that the Project Runway NQ 900 PRW is one of the best machines in the entire Project Runway series. It is affordable, user friendly and very well built. My only challenge with this one is the placement of the drop feed control lever and the fact the default setting on some of the dense design stitch options needed to be adjusted in order to achieve the professional quality I wanted.
Brother Innovis NQ 3500D

Brother Innov-is NQ 3500D Review

There are very few sewing machines on the market that I cannot find a single thing to criticize, but after reviewing the Brother Innov-is NQ 3500D just might be one of them. If you are interested in adding a reliable, user friendly sewing and embroidery machine to your sewing room, you owe it to yourself to visit an authorized Brother Innov-is dealer in your local area and take a long hard look at the Brother Innov-is NQ 3500D. Not only is this machine user friendly, it is also affordable and extremely well built.
Brother Innov-is NQ 1400E

Brother Innov-is NQ 1400E Review

Some time ago, I received an e-mail from a gentleman who was interested in the Brother Q line. At the time, the machines were still in the production phase and no one had seen one as yet. Since then, however, the Q series has been released and I am pleased to report that the Brother Innov-is NQ 1400E could very well be the beginning of something very good for people who are interested in finding an affordable embroidery only machine. It is so user friendly that anyone who is familiar with the operation of a computerized sewing machine would have no problem at all buying this one, taking it home and creating some fantastic embroidery designs right away.
Brother Persona PRS 100

Brother Persona PRS 100 Review

The Brother Persona PR 100 is the first industrial embroidery machine that I have been bold enough to actually operate myself. Until now, I have observed the machines of this type while being operated by sales associates who had been trained and certified in their use. The Brother Persona PR 100, however, is designed to not only be user friendly, but so easy to learn to operate that training takes only a few minutes. In fact, I learned how to use the machine that I reviewed while observing a demonstration for a customer who owns a business that specializes in customizing t-shirts, ball caps and small items. When the demonstration was finished, I couldn’t resist the temptation to operate the machine myself. The only challenge I had was user error when I made a mistake while threading the machine – I but only did it one time. The good news is my mistake was unnoticeable on the finished project.
Brother Project Runway Limited Edition PC 420

Brother Project Runway Limited Edition PC 420 Review

The Brother Project Runway Limited Edition PC 420 is a compact computerized sewing machine that brings more than 200 decorative and utility stitches to the sewing room. It is an excellent choice for someone who has never before operated a computerized sewing machine, even beginners who are 12 years of age of older. It is also an excellent choice for carrying class, for the college student who wants to have a sewing machine in the dorm room, as well as anyone who likes to take their sewing machine along for the ride when they travel. A machine like this is an ideal choice for people who spend part of the year in a warmer clime and travel back to their hometowns during the summer months.