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Baby Lock Unity

Baby Lock Unity Review

The Baby Lock Unity is without a doubt one of the most well-built, user friendly combination sewing and embroidery machines on the market today. The stress-free threading and bobbin winding guides, the uncomplicated stitch selection process and the on board sewing and embroidery assistance all combine to make working on this machine as comfortable and easy as possible. Anyone who has worked on a sewing machine will be completely at ease learning the art of machine embroidery on this machine. An added advantage is the fact that it is not necessary to remove the embroidery unit in order to work on the Unity when it is in the sewing mode. The Baby Lock Unity is more than just well-built and user friendly. It is also solid, so solid, in fact that it is extremely quiet even when operating at the highest speed level and has no vibration whatsoever.
Baby Lock Alliance

Baby Lock Alliance Review

The Baby Lock Alliance is an embroidery only machine that looks very much like an industrial embroidery machine. The difference, however, is that this stand up single needle embroidery machine is designed primarily for home use. Like industrial machines, the Alliance can accommodate more than one spool. Some machines of this type can handle up to 16 spools. With a four spool stand, the Alliance isn’t nearly as complicated as that. It also has a unique easy to follow threading system and an advanced needle threading system along with a large touchscreen, a front loading bobbin and user friendly on board tutorials and helps.
Baby Lock Aventura

Baby Lock Aventura Review

When Baby Lock introduced its new line of affordable sewing, embroidery and quilting machines, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The Aventura is quite possibly the most user friendly, solidly built combination sewing and embroidery machine I have had the pleasure of working on in a very, very long time. Not only is this machine well-built and quiet, working on it is so uncomplicated a child as young as ten or twelve would be able to master its use in just a little bit of time with lots of adult supervision. I have no hesitation whatsoever recommending this one for teens and adults who have never before worked on a sewing machine of any kind.
Baby Lock Flourish

Baby Lock Flourish Review

The Baby Lock Flourish is a state of the art embroidery only machine that is not only well built, quiet and extremely user friendly, it is also affordable. It does one and one thing only… and does it extremely well. I like the ease with which designs are chosen, changed, repositioned and combined. This machine is very well designed. I was pleased with everything about this machine from the moment I sat down and turned it on to the moment I removed my finished project. It is smaller than most other home embroidery machines on the market today. The largest available hoop is 6 ¼” x 10 ¼”. If this is not a drawback for you, do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself.
Baby Lock Soprano BLMSP

Baby Lock Soprano BLMSP Review

The Baby Lock Soprano was well worth the wait. It is one of the most solidly built, best designed sewing and quilting machines that I have reviewed in quite a while. Not only is it whisper quiet, there is absolutely no vibration. Although I have an issue with my pet peeve – the placement of the drop feed control lever – and the distance from the needle and the column is a bit shorter than other sewing and quilting machines, I think this machine just might be a very strong contender for one of the best sewing machines of 2015.
Baby Lock Audrey

Baby Lock Audrey Review

The Baby Lock Audrey BL67 is a well built, lightweight portable sewing machine that is a very good choice for the beginner, regardless of age, as well as the seasoned home sewer who for whatever reason does not want a computerized sewing machine. This electronic machine has 66 on board utility and decorative stitch options, an automatic needle threader and an on board accessory case that can be removed to reveal a convenient free arm, and all the other features that make the sewing experience a pleasurable one .
Baby Lock Destiny BLDY sewing machine

Baby Lock Destiny BLDY Review

The Baby Lock Destiny has a lot of sewing firsts – including 23 features never before seen on a sewing machine. This is also the first sewing, quilting and embroidery machine that I actually had to visit two stores in order to gather all of the information needed to write an in depth review. This machine is phenomenal. I must admit that I am a little concerned about the sustainability of some of these brand new innovations. However, during the review, everything about it was outstanding. With more than 11 inches from the needle to the column, the super large work surface makes working on very large projects like quilts and the like easier than ever before; and the ergonomic design and bright LED lighting make it one of the most comfortable, enjoyable sewing experiences I have ever had.
baby lock ellisimo gold

Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold II Review

I want to thank a site visitor for suggesting I review this user friendly computerized sewing, embroidery and quilting machine. The Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold II is one of the best machines I have had the pleasure of reviewing. In addition to the user friendly features, this machine comes with one of the most extensive lists of standard and optional features and accessories that I have ever come across. The folks at Baby Lock will be discontinuing the Ellisimo Gold II in August 2014. If you want one of your own, I suggest you visit your local authorized Baby Lock dealer as soon as possible.
Baby Lock Tiara II

Baby Lock Tiara II Review

If making larger and larger quilts is your thing, and you are ready to move up from a sewing and quilting combination machine to a freehand straight stitch quilting machine only, take a look at the Baby Lock Tiara II. Most people don’t have the space for a large quilt frame in their homes. If you fit this description, you definitely owe it to yourself to check this one out. Visit your local Baby Lock dealer and ask for a demonstration.
Baby Lock Eclipse

Baby Lock Eclipse Review

If you don’t have a lot of experience with a serger, but are in the market for one, the Baby Lock Eclipse might be a good choice for you. It is small, lightweight and delivers excellent stitch quality. The one challenge I observed was that it a little louder than many of the other sergers of its type that I have reviewed. Aside from that, this 2/3/4 thread, 1/2 needle serger is a great machine. But don’t be discouraged. The Baby Lock Eclipse is also a great choice for the home sewer who has been working with sergers for a very long time and is ready to update their equipment with an easy to thread basic serger.