During a visit to Laura’s Sewing and Vacuum in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, I came across the Brother Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 700 PRW, one more entry in the highly anticipated Brother Q line.

The NQ 700 PRW is a sewing and quilting machine that was designed for the beginner, but did not forget about the advanced home sewer who is in the market for a new sewing machine that is capable of satisfying the most demanding of tastes.

At A Glance

Brother Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 700 PRW

Brother Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 700 PRW

Advanced needle threader

Advanced needle threader

The Brother Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 700 PRW has a monochromatic LCD screen, a series of control and function buttons that enable the user to take advantage of every singly sewing task with the touch of a finger.

Above the needle are the start/stop; needle up/down; reverse stitch; design stop and thread tie-off/cut buttons as well as the a variable speed slider.

The advanced needle threader is directly above the needle and on the left column. Below the needle is a see through bobbin cover and a needle plate with seam guides.

On the right column is the LCD screen and a touch pad with a series of control buttons that not only control the stitch length and width, memory, mirror image and pivot functions among other things, menu buttons on this touch pad are also used in the stitch selection process.

Monochromatic LCD screen

Monochromatic LCD screen

A quick reference stitch selection guide and easy to follow threading and bobbin winding guides are beneath the lid along with the manual tension adjustment dial. Across the front is an 18 inch ruler and on the front right side is a place where the knee lifter is inserted.


  • 180 built-in stitches including
  • 40 combinable stitches
  • 10 one-step auto-size buttonhole styles
  • 5 Fonts
    • 3 Alphanumeric fonts
    • 1 Cyrillic
    • 1 Japanese
  • My Custom Stitch™
  • Advanced needle threading system
  • Quick-Set™ drop-in top bobbin
  • Function buttons
    • Start/stop
    • Thread tie off and cut
    • Design stop
    • Reverse stitch
    • Needle up/down
  • Variable speed slider
  • Manual tension adjustment
  • Stitch memory
  • Mirror image
  • Pivot function

Working on the Brother Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 700 PRW

On board guides simplify the process of threading the Brother Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 700 PRW and winding the bobbin. There is even a guide to help with inserting the drop in bobbin and guiding the thread through so that it is easily picked up by the needle.

On board guides

On board guides

The hardest thing about using this machine is deciding which stitch to use first. The actual stitch selection process is not at all complicated.

All that is necessary is to identify the menu category in which the stitch is located, select the menu icon on the column then scroll through the menu until the desired stitch appears on the LCD screen and sew.

Even when sewing at top speed, the Brother Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 700 PRW is whisper quiet and does not vibrate at all… a clear indication of a solid, well-built sewing machine.

The quality of the stitches is what I would call well above average. My only real concern about the stitches is the fact that some of the decorative stitches appeared to be less dense than I would like.

The situation, however, is easily remedied by adjusting the length and width until the desired density is achieved. Aside from that very small observation, I observed the stitches to be well formed, clearly defined and sturdy.

Well formed, clearly defined and sturdy stitches

Well formed, clearly defined and sturdy stitches

For this review I used a piece of plain cotton fabric and sampled several different utility and decorative stitch options. The manual tension adjustment was not an issue during the review.

I suspect the only time a use may have to change the default tension setting is if they were working with extremely delicate or thick fabric.


  • Natural fibers/cotton-linen-wool
  • Fine fabrics/silk-satin-taffeta/velvet
  • Knits
  • Synthetic fabrics/blends-rayon-polyester
  • Denim
  • Upholstery
  • Leather/suede
  • Fur
  • Reptile skin
  • Canvas/Twill
  • Plastic/Rubber
  • Extra thick fabrics or multiple layers


Standard accessories:

  • 7 Snap on presser feet
    • Zigzag foot
    • Monogramming foot
    • Overcasting foot
    • Zipper foot
    • Blind stitch foot
    • Button fitting foot
    • Buttonhole foot
  • Extra needles
  • Twin needle
  • 4 Bobbins
  • Seam ripper
  • Lint brush
  • Eyelet punch
  • Large screwdriver
  • L shaped screwdriver
  • Disc screwdriver
  • Horizontal spool pin
  • 4 Spool caps (1 large, 2 medium, 1 small)
  • Thread spool insert
  • Spool net
  • Knee lifter
  • Grid sheet set
  • Owner’s manual
  • Quick reference guide
  • Accessories pouch
  • Dust cover


Optional accessories:

  • Additional presser feet
    • Free motion echo quilting foot
    • Quilting foot
    • Free motion quilting foot
    • Walking foot
    • ¼” Quilting foot
    • Quilting guide
    • ¼” Quilting foot with guide
    • Open toe foot
    • Non-stick foot
    • Stitch guide foot
    • Adjustable zipper foot
    • Straight stitch foot/needle plate set
    • Pin tuck foot
    • Roller foot
    • Stitch in the ditch foot
    • Side cutter
  • Extension table
  • Q-series roller bag set
  • Free motion guide
  • Bobbin clips
  • Bobbin Work kit – includes:
    • 20 free motion design templates
    • Specialty bobbin case
    • Small screwdriver
    • Instructional CD rom
    • Specialty thread bobbin cover


After each useMonthly*Once Each Year**As Needed
Clean race hook and feed dogs
Wipe head with soft dry cloth
Wipe head with soft damp cloth
Service by sewing machine repair professional

* more often if the machine is used for extended periods of time or if used frequently

**more often if the machine is used heavily or if it is not operating properly

Tying Off The Loose Ends

I like the Brother Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 700 PRW for use by older beginners… people 12 years of age and up.

It is not a good option for younger children because there are too many options to take into consideration for most youngsters to deal with while learning the basics of sewing and sewing machine operation.

This sewing machine is also a great choice for the advanced home sewer who is looking for an uncomplicated computerized sewing machine that has all of the essential features, but not a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles or requires a lot of extraneous steps in order to complete a simple task.

The Brother NQ 700 PRW has a memory function, which allows the user to create and store their own customized stitch settings.

This is a definite plus when it comes to adjusting the default settings on those design stitch options that are less dense than some might prefer.

With this feature, the adjusted stitch setting could be saved and automatically executed every tie that stitch is used, without the user having to once again make adjustments to the stitch length and/or width.

The omission of some of the features that are found on many of the other machines in the Brother Q series like the Brother Innov-is NQ 1400, the Brother Innov-is NQ 3500, or even the Brother Project Runway Liited Edition NQ 900 PRW stands out, but not so much so that the missing features are deterrents to the machine’s functionality and user friendliness.

The difference results only in a lower price tag, which is a definite plus for some budgets. When it’s all said and done, the final decision as to which machine in the Brother Q series could very well depend entirely upon the personal financial circumstances of the buyer.

I think all of the machine in the Brother Q series are excellent. The Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 700 PRW is definitely a winner. This machine feels, sounds and operates like a much more costly machine.

It is, in my opinion, durable and while only time will tell, I am inclined to believe that this is one of those sewing machines that will be around for quite a long time.

Beginners will be pleased with the Brother NQ 700 PRW because it is such an easy machine to learn to operate.

People who have bene sewing for many years will be able to appreciate this machine even more than beginners because they know beforehand what to expect.

Whether your sewing skills are at the beginner or advanced level or somewhere in between, I strongly urge you to visit your local Brother Innov-is dealer and take a long hard look at the Brother Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 700 PRW before making a final decision as to which sewing machine to add to your sewing room.

Brother Project Runway Limited Edition NQ 700 PRW Review
Link To Official Website
Skill Level:
Needs lots of help – able to sew a straight seam but unfamiliar with most sewing techniques; needs assistance and instruction on basic sewing techniques.
Competent – can make different clothing items without assistance or guidance, but not good enough to sew intricate projects or to sew without a pattern.
Expert – can sew anything without instruction or assistance; possesses an expansive knowledge of sewing techniques and terminology.
Stitch quality
Ease of use
  • User friendly
  • Affordable
  • Ideal choice for beginners
  • Placement of the drop feed control lever
  • Manual tension adjustment
4.9Overall Score
Reader Rating: (15 Votes)

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    I must be putting the bobbin in wrong or threading incorrectly. Is there a video that demonstrates the proper ways on the Brother Innovis nq700prw?


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