Disney magic is one of the most endearing things we noticed when we reviewed the new Brother Innov-is 1250D.

This combination sewing, quilting and embroidery machine brings 35 popular Disney animation characters to the sewing room along with hundreds of other built in utility and decorative stitches and embroidery designs.

At A Glance

In addition to the large embroidery arm, one of the first things we noticed was the smiling image of Mickey Mouse greeting us with open arms,inviting us to sit down and give the Brother Innov-is 1250D a chance to show us how much fun we can have with it.

Brother Innov-is 1250D, a Disney magic machine

The ergonomic design, floral decal interspersed with the traditional Mickey Mouse silhouette, blue motif and easy to read LCD touch screen all combine to give this machine an inviting appeal that is practically irresistible to anyone who loves to sew.

Mickey Mouse greeting us with open arms

Mickey Mouse greeting us with open arms


Standard features available on the Brother Innov-is 1250D include:

  • More than 300 built in stitches
  • 184 utility and decorative stitches
  • 171 embroidery designs
  • 35 Disney characters
  • 6 embroidery fonts
  • 3 sewing lettering fonts
  • 10 one-step buttonholes
  • Two embroidery frames
  • 5”x 7”
  • 12” x 5”
  • USB port
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Automatic thread trimming system
  • Variable speed slider
  • 2 LED lights
  • Thread sensor
  • Rotating embroidery pattern
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Presser foot pressure foot adjustment

Working on the Brother Innov-is 1250D

When you first turn the Brother Innov-is 1250D on, a message pops up on the LCD screen telling the user to touch the screen to get started.

Disney Character List on Brother Innov-is 1250D

Disney Character List on Brother Innov-is 1250D

The next instruction is to raise the presser foot. That instruction comes with a warning, however, that the carriage will move when the presser foot is lifted.

Threading the Brother Innov-is 1250D is literally as simple as it could possibly be. All the user needs to do is merely follow the clearly marked threading guide. Winding the drop in bobbin is just as easy.

The machine’s features include an automatic needle threader, automatic trimming, automatic needle up and down positioning and a slider to control the variable speed selector.

It operates by lightly touching the start/stop button above the presser foot lever or by using the foot pedal, making it as easy as possible to sew, quilt or embroider with the utmost convenience.

The user friendly backlit LCD touch screen takes the user through the stitch selection process in such a way that it is virtually impossible to make a mistake.

For this review, we decided to try one of the many built in embroidery designs.

Peter Pan selected

Peter Pan selected

Identifying the design to execute was the most challenging part of the entire process. Just for fun, we navigated through the Disney character embroidery designs.

All of the classic Disney characters were represented: Mickey Mouse; Minnie Mouse; Donald Duck; Daisy Duck; Pluto; Tinker Bell; Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh as well as characters from several Disney Pixar films.

We selected Peter Pan and immediately learned that we would need ten different thread colors to complete this design.

We were able to learn exactly which colors were needed by scrolling through the color identification option for the Peter Pan design: moss green, lime green, forest green deep gold, white, vermillion, clay brown, emerald green, black and linen.

We feel that this is perhaps the important feature offered on the Brother Innov-is 1250D, especially for someone who is new to machine embroidery because it not only takes all of the guesswork out of the entire process, it even showed us where each color would go in our design.

Color Selection for Peter Pan Design

Color Selection for Peter Pan Design

After finding the perfect embroidery design and identifying the thread colors the next step is to adjust the size and position of the design if you think it is necessary, place your fabric and stabilizer on the hoop and get to work.

Corn Flower design selection

Corn Flower design selection

After scrolling through several different embroidery design options, we finally settled on a one color cornflower design which was located in the heirloom embroidery collection.

Corn Flower Design under sewing process

Corn Flower Design under sewing process

The embroidery hoop snapped into place with ease and with a simple touch of the start/stop button, our flower began to come into view.

Finished Sewing message displaying

The bright LED light illumined the work space in such a way that we were able to observe every single stitch as it was formed, assuring that our cornflower was being formed with the expert precision we expected.

When it was done, the machine simply stopped and the LCD screen let us know that it was done by displaying a “Finished Sewing” message.

You simply cannot ask for an embroidery machine that is less complicated to operate. Our cornflower was perfectly executed and it took less than three minutes from start to finish.

No doubt, if we had opted to create one of the many designs that required at least one change of thread color, the process would have taken longer.

However, we expect that with a threading system as uncomplicated as this one and a maximum speed of up to 850 stitches per minute, the time it takes to complete any of the on-board designs would not exceed a few minutes.

An added benefit to having a Brother Innov-is 1250D is the fact that it is also a sewing machine.

A perfectly executed corn flower

A perfectly executed corn flower

Removing the embroidery arm is simple as pressing a lever on the undercarriage and sliding it off to reveal a functional free arm, which facilitates working on small tasks like cuffs, collars, cuffs and children’s clothes.

Removing the embroidery arm is simple

Removing the embroidery arm is simple


  • Natural fibers/cotton-linen-wool
  • Fine fabrics/silk-satin-taffeta/velvet
  • Knits
  • Synthetic fabrics/blends-rayon-polyester
  • Upholstery
  • Leather/suede
  • Fur
  • Canvas/Twill
  • Plastic/Rubber
  • Extra thick fabrics or multiple layers


The list of accessories that are standard with the Brother Innov-is 1250 includes:

  • 11 presser feet
    • Buttonhole
    • Blind stitch
    • Zipper
    • Button fitting
    • Monogramming
    • Overcasting
    • Embroidery
    • Adjustable Zipper foot
    • Stitch Guide foot
    • Non-stick foot
    • Metal open toe foot
  • Embroidery arm
  • Knee lifter
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • 3 screwdrivers
  • 4 bobbins
  • 3 spool caps
  • Twin needle
  • Extra needles
  • Embroidery grid sheet
  • USB cable
  • Owner’s manual
  • Lint brush
  • Eyelet punch
  • Soft cover
  • 2 embroidery hoops
    • 5″ x 7″
    • 5″ x 12″

NOTE: Additional embroidery hoops are available as optional accessories.


After each useMonthly*Once Each Year**As Needed
Clean race hook and feed dogs
Wipe head with soft dry cloth
Wipe head with soft damp cloth
Service by sewing machine repair professional

* more often if the machine is used for extended periods of time or if used frequently

**more often if the machine is used heavily or if it is not operating properly

Tying Off The Loose Ends

With the growing interest in machine embroidery, more and more people are shopping for and investing in sewing machines that are capable of doing more than just utility stitches and a few decorative options.

The Brother Innov-is 1250D is an ideal machine for the sewer with strong sewing skills to venture into the world of machine embroidery. It’s easy to understand and use on-board tutorials and guides make this an ideal vehicle for learning the art of machine embroidery.

Once a design is selected, the LCD screen clearly displays exactly how many thread colors are needed and guides the user through the step by step process required to produce a perfect design each and every time.

The image of Mickey Mouse might tempt the uninitiated to allow a child to sew on the Brother Innov-is 1250D, but this machine is no toy. It is definitely not to be used by anyone who is not adept at clothing construction and the operation of a sewing machine.

We certainly do not recommend the Brother Innov-is 1250 for anyone who is at the beginner’s level, regardless of their age. The MSRP is $2699, definitely not within the price range of a sewing machine for any beginner.

Although the Brother Innov-is 250 is easy to operate, this machine is far too advanced for anyone who has not first learned the basics of sewing and sewing machine operation and is comfortable with sewing all types of clothing and accessories.

To do so would likely result in their either breaking the machine or getting so frustrated with its many features that they end up putting this excellent multi purpose sewing, embroidery and quilting machine in the back of a closet.

Brother Innov-is 1250D Review
Link To Official Website
Skill Level:
Needs lots of help – able to sew a straight seam but unfamiliar with most sewing techniques; needs assistance and instruction on basic sewing techniques.
Competent – can make different clothing items without assistance or guidance, but not good enough to sew intricate projects or to sew without a pattern.
Expert – can sew anything without instruction or assistance; possesses an expansive knowledge of sewing techniques and terminology.
Stitch quality
Ease of use
Ease of maintenance
  • Good for those new to machine embroidery
  • LCD screen
  • On board tutorials
  • Slower than some other machines in the same class
5.0Overall Score
Reader Rating: (42 Votes)

14 Responses

  1. lynsie

    looking for a combo embroidery/sewing with a 5×7 hoop that is simple task.. any suggestion???

  2. Vernelle

    Hi, Lynsie –

    You may want to look at the Brother PE 770 and PE 750D as well as the Ellure and Ellure Plus from Baby Lock.

    I have not yet had the pleasure of reviewing any of these four machines. Therefore, I cannot tell you which is simpler or more complicated to operated.

    Why not ask for a demonstration at your local dealer? Sit down and get a feel for the machines. Then go with the one that you believe would be the best fit for you and your specific skill level and needs.

    Happy Stitching.

    • lynsie

      Thanks so much.. I ended up buying my mom the 1250d embrodery/sewing machine.. abit pricing..hope Im not getting ripped off

      • Patricia

        Hi on the brother.com site three reviews complain of a fuzzy screen. How true are those coments? I am looking to buy a 1250.

  3. Speattle

    I’ve had this machine for about a year now. It is a wonderful machine. I chose it primarily for the sewing function, but have been enjoying learning the embroidery side of things too. I LOVE having the Disney images! This one has a smallish selection, but a good variety, including the Pooh characters (who are my personal favorite).

    Don’t forget to mention that on can upload images found online via a USB stick. Brother has a site, ibroidery.com , that has tons more Disney/Pixar/Warner images for individual purchase.

  4. Pat

    Is the USB port a cable or stick flash drive and how does the screen look after downloading.I read another review that stated the screen was fuzy.

  5. Jamie Lemons

    I purchased the Brother Innovis 1250 in August. I have used just the sewing machine and it works beautifully. I have attempted to monogram several items but I am having trouble with the stitches looking feathery. They look uneven and looks like they may skip a stitch every now and then. Not pleased with the way the embrodiery looks with this machine. Have tried several different threads and it did not change the look of the embrodiery.

    • lisa

      Hi, Have you tried using a better stabilizer? I had a similar problem but once I changed my stabilizer it was resolved immediately.

  6. Margaret

    I do not like the fact that you must use the same thread in both the upper and the bobbin. I enjoy machine applique, but the last time I used clear poly in the top, I had to pay $79.00 to get the machine fixed! Dealer told me NOT to use the clear threads.
    Embroidery is perfect! General sewing is also excellent. I just don’t like an expensive machine that limits my creativity.

  7. Linda

    I’ve been embroidering with my Innovis 1250 for several years and have been using patterns downloaded from the Web. Here’s the problem: my machine won’t recognize a pattern I just bought. I’m wondering if the pattern has too many stitches: it has more than 45,000 of them. Is that too many for this machine? Does anyone know what the stitch limitation is for this machine? Thank you!

    • lisa

      I am not sure the exact stitch limit, but that is possible. my 10 needle also will not do that many at once~

  8. Vernelle

    Hello, Linda –

    Thank you for visiting Sewing Insight.

    It is possible the design you downloaded has too many stitches for your machine. It is also possible that the design is not compatible with your machine. You did not say if you downloaded the design from the Brother site or some other source. If you have the most current software from Brother, you might want to check the software requirements posted by the source of the design. I know it’s very time consuming, but you might have to find a comparable design from another source.

    Happy stitching.

  9. Callie

    Hi! I am new to sewing in general and just bought this machine. Is there a certain size thread I need for this machine?


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