BERNINA Sewing, Quilting And Embroidery Machine Reviews

BERNINA sewing, quilting, embroidery and serging machines are trendsetters in the home sewing industry.

This family owned company was founded in Switzerland when Karl Fredrich Gegauf introduced an innovative hemstitch machine in 1893.

The company’s mission, "to be an innovation leader in the sphere of textile design and to produce the most versatile sewing and embroidery systems in robust Swiss quality," says it all, and they continue to heed that call.

By reinvesting much of the company’s profits in product design and improvement, BERNINA is a front runner in innovative sewing technology.

In our opinion, the exclusive BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) is possibly BERNINA’s most outstanding feature; making it possible to produce consistent stitch length and width when using the free motion quilting or embroidery features.

In addition, BERNINA offers customers access to a BERNINA credit card, enabling them to purchase BERNINA products, including machines and software.

Popular BERNINA Models

Despite the cost, we learned that the high end BERNINA 830 LE (Limited Edition) is in demand, largely because there are only 4000 in existence. Our review of the 830 LE revealed that it offers users more than 600 utility and decorative stitches and 150 built in embroidery designs.

We recommend the more affordable BERNINA 5 series includes three machines: the BE 530, a basic sewing machine, good for beginners; the BE 550 QE designed with machine quilting enthusiasts in mind; and the BE 580, BERNINA’s latest addition to its family of embroidery machines.

When it comes to affordability, however, the less costly BERNINA Bernette line is most popular. Of the BERNINA Bernette sewing machines and sergers we reviewed, we are pleased to report that their performance ratings are excellent.

- Reinvestment of profits
- Innovative design
- Stitch regulator
- Exclusivity
- On line customer support
- Affordable Bernette line

- Costly

The following are the BERNINA sewing machine reviews of the models I've had the chance to review. Stay in touch as I plan to update this list with a new review of the BERNINA machine as soon as I can get my hands on one.

Bernina Reviews

Bernina Bernette Sublime Chicago 7

Bernina Bernette Sublime Chicago 7 Review

The very good news is the folks at BERNINA have recognized the need for an affordably priced combination sewing and embroidery machine and have produced just that in the BERNINA Bernette Sublime Chicago 7. The somewhat bad news is it is slower than other machines in its class, makes a little too much noise and has a limited number of on board embroidery designs. There is, however, a place for the BERNINA Bernette Sublime Chicago 7 in certain sewing rooms. If you or someone you know is not certain that they are ready to make a commitment to machine embroidery; if there are budget concerns that limit your ability to make a substantial investment in a combination sewing and embroidery machine; or if you are interested in purchasing a combination sewing and embroidery machine for a young person who knows the basics of sewing machine operation and demonstrates an interest in machine embroidery, this particular machine might just be a perfect fit.

BERNINA Q-20 Review

The Q-20 is the first sit down long arm quilting machine from the folks at BERNINA. It has a 20 inch arm that is fully illuminated by a row of bright LED lights and another LED light directly above the needle. There is also an on board bobbin winder on the machine head and a threading path that looks far more complicated than it actually is. The BERNINA Q-20 has the advantage of the patented BSR - BERNINA Stitch Regulator technology which guarantees even feeding and smoot operation each and every time. Even with my limited experience with machine quilting, I was able to program and operate the BERNINA Q-20 in just a few minutes. It is a bit noisy, and vibrates a little, but when you take the BERNINA track record into consideration, those challenges are minor when compared with the quality and durability that BERNINA is traditionally known for.

BERNINA 710 Review

BERNINA’s newest sewing and quilting machine brings more than 650 stitches to your sewing room as well as state of the art computer technology and all the things that has made BERNINA one of the most trusted names in home sewing. I’m not crazy about that front loading bobbin, but the upper and lower thread sensors and that little window in the work table help make life a little easier.

BERNINA E 16 Review

The E 16 is BERNINA’s answer to the increased demand for specialized single function embroidery machines. It is designed to be used in the home as well as in the professional embroidery studio and factory setting. A machine like this is not for everyone, but if you are more interested in machine embroidery than making clothes, accessories or home décor pieces, then you just might want to investigate the BERNINA E 16. It sews up to 1400 stitches per minute but is easy learn to operate, and the on board quick reference guide makes the whole process even easier.
Bernina Bernette Sew Pink Sublime

Bernina Bernette Sew Pink Sublime Review

In October 2014, the folks at BERNINA unveiled a very special mechanical sewing machine in observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For each BERNINA Bernette Sew Pink Sublime machine that is sold, $20 goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The machine itself is a dependable, reliable sewing machine, but not one that I would recommend for heavy use. I do, however, believe it is a great learning tool, especially for children, and an ideal machine for occasional use and mending. It has a great, easy to use stitch selection process, a free arm, on board accessory storage, a drop in bobbin, an on board quick reference guide, and an easy to use seam guides on the needle plate.

BERNINA 880 Review

The BERNINA 880 is an updated version of the very popular BERNINA 830. In addition to the addition of updated technology, it also comes with several features that were either not included or not available on the 830. The BERNINA 880 sews up to 1200 stitches per minute and 1000 embroidery stitches per minute. It also has a total of 1764 on board stitch options, 12 sewing alphanumeric fonts and 20 built in buttonholes. Three standard embroidery hoops are included with the purchase of the BERNINA 880 along with dozens of other great accessories, including 10 snap on presser feet.

BERNINA 380 Review

The BERNINA 380 is a computerized sewing machine that brings 221 decorative and utility stitches to your fingertips. It also has both a long and short memory function that can hold up to 30 of your own personal stitch sequences or settings, a knee lift that allows you to keep your hands on your work while raising and lowering the presser foot, and a large standard work table.
bernina 780 sewing machine

BERNINA 780 Review

If machine embroidery is your passion, don’t overlook the BERNINA 780. The top of the line sewing and embroidery machine is the newest addition to the BERNINA line of sewing machines. It has the BERNINA exclusive stitch regulator as well as the new 9 Hook and boasts a bobbin that holds up to 80 percent more thread than conventional bobbins. It’s no for everyone, but it is definitely a great option for the home sewer who loves to add embroidered touches to their work.

BERNINA 330 Review

It’s computerized. It sews great. It’s a good choice for the beginner – but not for children… and it’s a good option for the seasoned home sewer as well. The BERNINA 330 might be a little pricey, but if you can find one on sale, or if you can negotiate a good trade in agreement with your local BERNINA dealer, you won’t be disappointed.

Bernina 215 Review

There are lots of computerized sewing machines on the market that are designed for beginners. In my opinion, the BERNINA 215 is not only a good choice for beginners, it is also great for sewers at all skill levels. It travels well, too. The oversized carrying handle is a big plus, as well as the monochromatic LCD screen and user friendly stitch selection process.

Bernina 1008 Review

The BERNINA 1008 is a great mechanical sewing machine that is a wonderful choice for both the beginner as well as the seasoned home sewer who specializes in clothing and accessory sewing as well as making home décor items. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, and does not offer a lot of stitch options, but it is a very sturdy, hard working basic sewing machine.
Bernina Bernette Funlock 004D

Bernina Bernette Funlock 004D Review

The name of this compact serger might be a bit deceiving. Actually sewing on it might be fun, but threading it is another issue altogether. I like the way it operates, but I’m not so sure about getting it ready to go to work. The threading process for this serger is one of the most challenging I’ve ever encountered.