Ace Sewing And Vacuum Review

One peek through the window of Pompano Beach Florida’s Ace Sewing and Vacuum store, and you know you are about to enter into a special place for home sewers.

Eric Taub, a former flight engineer, opened the store in 1978 after deciding to change careers in order to spend more time with his young family.


Ace Sewing and Vacuum Center

Ace Sewing and Vacuum Center

He started out with just one small retail space in a shopping plaza on East Sample Road, just east of I-95. No doubt, the real estate credo – location, location, location – worked great for him.

Today, what started out as just one storefront is now three connected spaces that make up a sprawling sewing machine and vacuum cleaner sales and service center. The shop is a long time sewing enthusiast’s dream come true.

Ace Sewing and Vacuum is not one of those fancy, high tech places, but a traditional store where industrial and domestic sewing machines are displayed and available for demonstration by highly trained staff people throughout the day.

Ace does not sell fabric, notions or patterns. Instead, this shop is a real sewing machine store, focusing exclusively on sewing machines and sergers for home and professional use and as well as specialty thread, machine accessories, replacement parts and repair. The shop is also home for an equally well appointed section devoted to vacuum cleaners.

Ace Sewing and Vacuum carries a complete line of new sewing, quilting and embroidery machines and sergers made by Singer, Janome, Juki, Brother and Husqvarna/Viking.

Ace carries sewing machines of all brands

Ace carries sewing machines of all brands

In addition, used machines from practically every sewing machine manufacturer in the world are also available for sale.

The two sales people are trained experts who are on hand to answer any and all customer questions about sewing machine products, capabilities and pricing.

The newest addition to the sales staff is Janet Oxley. Since joining the Ace team, she has definitely proven her value as an employee. Her expertise is in all aspects of the Viking sewing machines and software.

Prices for sergers or sewing embroidery, or quilting machines at Ace Sewing and Vacuum start at about $200 for very basic sewing machines to more then $10,000 for machines at the very high end that are capable of doing practically everything.

Ace manager, Joyce Callahan reported that Ace carries machines for home sewers at all skill levels, of all ages and to fit just about every budget.

Sewing machines for all levels

Sewing machines for all levels

She points out that when anyone comes in looking for a machine, she gets information about the type of sewing they do, how long they have been sewing, their preferences and their budget.

Joyce adds, “For example, if someone tells me they are looking for a machine in the $500 range, I do everything I can to stay within their budget. I may show them a machine that costs up to $700, but I see no point in trying to sell them a machine that is way out of their range or above their skill level.

This way, the customer is more likely to return when they are ready to buy another machine… I would rather sell someone a good used sewing machine that is of high quality than see them purchase a brand new low cost machine that is of inferior quality from one of the big, impersonal mass retailers.

A good used machine will last longer, give the customer far less headaches and the customer has the advantage of technical support from the staff here.”

When asked which machines were best for beginners, especially for children, Callahan replied that Janome’s H Class 100Q is great for the beginner while the Janome Hello Kitty is an ideal choice for the younger learner.

Ace Sewing and Vacuum owner, Eric Taub, reports that their best selling brand is Janome, and added that Janome is the most reliable among all of the brands they carry.

The online store has been up and running for about 10 years, ever since the website was set up by Eric’s son Keith Taub. The expansion into the worldwide web has been a definite plus for Ace.

One day when we were visiting to review some of the new Husqvarna/Viking sewing machines, a woman from West Virginia came in. She had purchased a machine from Ace on line and was interested in seeing a demonstration of a new embroidery machine.

Had she not already been familiar with Ace Sewing and Vacuum via the internet, she would never have taken time out from her vacation to stop visit the shop.

Although Ace does not offer regularly scheduled sewing classes, they provide training on all the machines they sell as well as on the spot technical assistance to customers who purchase machines and telephone assistance for local customers as well as customers who purchase machines through the Ace Sewing and Vacuum website.

Occasionally, however, manufacturers’ representatives present sewing demonstrations and classes at ace.

Recently, a representative from Husqvarna/Viking spent a day at Ace Sewing and Vacuum, demonstrating Husqvarna/Viking sewing machines and sergers, answering customers’ questions and sharing tips on various sewing, serging, quilting and embroidery techniques.

On the service side of the shop, Ace Sewing and Vacuum has two full time sewing machine repair experts on hand to help customers keep their machines in tip top shape at all times. These individuals are trained and certified in sewing machine repair and maintenance and are well versed in all types of sewing machines and sergers.

Ace Sewing center services all kinds of machines

Ace Sewing center services all kinds of machines

As a testament to Ace Sewing and Vacuum’s excellent reputation in the community and its track record for fair and reliable sales and service, they are the exclusive provider of sewing machine sales and service for the entire Broward County, Florida, public school system.

This contractual agreement gives Ace direct responsibility for servicing hundreds of sewing machines being used in classrooms throughout all of Broward County.

Ace Sewing and Vacuum is a busy, thriving business that has grown from one small storefront to triple in size in just 34 years.

According to staff, Ace is busiest on Mondays, perhaps because people are sewing on weekends and realize that its time to upgrade their sewing room inventory or discover that their machines are simply out of date and need to be replaced.

Regardless of the reason for the Monday surge, Ace Sewing and Vacuum is the place to go for new Juki, Janome, Brother, Husqvarna/ Viking or Singer sewing machines and sergers or for a good quality used machine no matter what the brand name my be.

For more than three decades, Ace Sewing and Vacuum has been well known in the south Florida sewing community as a dependable source for quality sewing machines and repair services at fair prices.

With the internet, it is also fast becoming a growing presence in the worldwide community of home and professional sewers as well.

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