Insightful Sewing Machine Reviews And More

Whether you are looking for a review of a particular sewing machine, or just shopping around and want to get the opinion of someone like me who has experienced working on many different sewing machines, Sewing Insight is for you.

Sewing Insight is a source of information for ‘everything sewing’.

That includes reviews of every sewing machine and serger we can get our hands on.

The sewing machine reviews on this site are based on my own personal experiences with each one of the machines depicted.

I do no claim to be anything other than a person who has been sewing for many, many years.

To say the very least I know my way around sewing machines. I love sewing and I love sharing information about the machines I am privileged to review.

Reviewing a sewing machine

Reviewing a sewing machine

I found many of the sewing machines and sergers reviewed on this site in shops near my home in South Florida.

The owners of these shops pay nothing for these reviews and have no influence in how the reviews are presented.

If I come across a sewing machine that I think is a waste of time and money, or one that is a great deal, I will say so.

In reading reviews of brand new sewing machines, you should be aware that just about every machine operates at its maximum level of performance – its all time best – when it is brand spanking new.

Vintage sewing machine

Maintaining a sewing machine well makes even the old Singer 221 shine…

The true value of any sewing machine or serger is seldom realized until it has been in use for a few years. Any sewing machine’s performance over time depends largely on how well it is maintained, and the owner must take sole responsibility for that.

If you purchase a sewing machine or serger and follow all of the manufacturer’s suggestions regarding care and maintenance, you have a right to expect that machine to serve you well for many, many years.

However, just like automobiles, some sewing machine models turn out to be lemons after a while. None of us – not even the dealers – have any advance knowledge about which machines will turn into duds over time and which models will last for decades.

For example, I bought a sewing machine I the late 1980s that worked like a dream for the first two or three years. I kept it covered, cleaned the race hook and feed dogs after every use and made sure there was no dust or dirt anywhere inside or out.

However, when it was about five years old, the started having some rather serious problems. Eventually, I sold it at a yard sale for $5.

On the other hand, a sewing machine I got about 20 years earlier still holds a place of honor in my sewing room. In fact, it is my favorite.

Fleetwood E188 sewing machine

The Fleetwood E188 is my favorite sewing machine

Aside from the brand new sewing machines and sergers I review, some of the machines reviewed on this site are in private collections… my own and the private collections of some of my sewing buddies.

In these reviews, I am able to share not only my own opinion, but the opinions of the owners as well as a testament as to how the machines stand up to the test of time.

If you have a burning sewing question, I am glad you decided to visit Sewing Insight and welcome your input. Please click here to contact me.

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Pfaff Creative 4.5 Review

The Pfaff Creative 4.5 is this year’s winner of the Consumers’ Digest Best Buy award. After reviewing this sewing and embroidery machine, it is easy to see how and why it earned this honor. This is one of the best machines that I have seen come from the Pfaff people in quite a while. It is solidly built; the stitch quality is excellent and although it do not recommend it for beginners, I believe the Pfaff Creative 4.5 is an excellent choice for the home sewer with intermediate or advanced skills who wants to add a new sewing and embroidery machine to their home.

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Pfaff Hobbylock 2.5 Review

You can’t find this one on the Pfaff US website, but if you are fluent in Dutch, you just might want to visit the Pfaff European page and read all about this great new serger. Not only is it user friendly, it is also capable of giving you some beautiful stitches. With a total of 15 stitch options to choose from and the capability to sew up to 1200 stitches per minute, you have nothing to lose.

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Necchi ProLock PL 1020 Review

If all you want is a pretty serger that looks good in your sewing room and delivers good stitch quality, you will be very happy with the Necchi ProLock PL 1020. However, if you want to really work on this one, you might be disappointed by some of the design features that I found to be hard to get to and downright inconvenient to someone who doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands.

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Singer Coverstitch 14T970C Review

For a while, I thought I had imagined reviewed this machine. The Singer 14T790C cover lock machine is available throughout Europe and the Philippines, but apparently is just making its debut here in the US. The good news is it’s better than nearly every new Singer I have reviewed in the last couple of years. Hopefully this is a sign that things will be improving for those of us who love the Singer name and have fond memories of the superior quality and workmanship the Singer brand name once represented.

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